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350776-001 Compaq Presario R3000 Thermal heat module

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350776-001 Compaq Presario R3000 Thermal heat moduleCompatible ModelsPresario R3000t,Presario R3200,Presario R3000,Business Notebook NX9005,Business Notebook NX9010,Presario R3000,Presario R3000t,Presario R3000z,Presario R3001US,Presario R3003US,Presario R3004US (DV562AT,) Presario R3004US (DZ358U,) Presario R3005US,Presario R3030US,Presario R3038CL,Presario R3050US,Presario R3055CA,Presario R3055US,Presario R3056RS,Presario R3060CA,Presario R3060US,Presario R3065US,Presario R3070US,Presario R3103US,Presario R3120CA,Presario R3120US,Presario R3128RS,Presario R3140CA,Presario R3140US,Presario R3150US,Presario R3160US,Presario R3190US,Compaq Presario R3000 DIS Series Notebooks PCDS426ER, DS426E, DS427ER, DS427E, DS428ER, DS428E, DS429ER, DS429E, DS479UR, DS479U, DS481UR, DS481U, DS486UR, DS486U, DV560AA, DV561AT, DV562AT, DV563AT, DX995UR, DX995UCompaq Presario R3000 UMA Series Notebooks PCDG446AVR, DG446AV, DG447AVR, DG447AV, DG448AV, DG449AV, DL273AVR, DL273AV, DP218AVR, DP218AV, DP341AVR, DP341AV, DP533AVR, DP533AV, DP740AVR, DP740AV, DS511UR, DS511U, DS512UR, DS512U, DS513UR, DS513U, DS514UR, DS514U, DS515UR, DS515U, DS516UR, DS516U, DT850AV, DU903AV, DU904AV, DU985ER, DU985E, DV189A, DV190A, DV191AT, DV192AT, DV272AV, DV799P, DV800P, DV801PR, DV801P, DV802P, DV803P, DV804P, DV805PR, DV805P, DV806P, DV807PA, DV808PAR, DV808PA, DV809P, DV810P, DV811P, DV812PA, DV813P, DV814P, DV815P, DV816PA, DV818PA, DV819PA, DV820PA, DV821PA, DW370AVR, DW370AV, DZ337UR, DZ337UCompaq Presario R3100 UMA Series Notebooks PCDX841PAR, DX841PA, DZ338UR, DZ338U, DZ341UR, DZ341U, PB881EAR, PB881EA, PB882EAR, PB882EA, PB883EA, PB884EAR, PB884EA, PB885EAR, PB885EA, PB886EAR, PB886EA, PB887EAR, PB887EA, PB888EA, PB889EAR, PB889EA, PB890EAR, PB890EA, PB891EAR, PB891EA, PB892EAR, PB892EACompaq Presario R3200 DIS Series Notebooks PCPB921EA, PB922EAR, PB922EA, PB923EAR, PB923EA, PC729AV, PC730AV, PC731AV, PC777AVR, PC777AV, PC778AV, PD487AV, PD488AV, PF110UAR, PF110UA, PF111UAR, PF111UA, 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