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Asus Z6100 Z6200 Z6300 Z61Ae Z61A Z62Fm Z63A 65W AC Adapter - Asus6100

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Asus Z6100 Z6200 Z6300 Z61Ae Z61A Z62Fm Z63A 65W AC Adapter - Asus6100Code:G119V DC, up to 3.42A, 65W maxCompatible Models:ASUS A1, A2, A3, A6, B1, L1, L2, L3, L4, L7, L8, M1, M2, M3, M5, M6, M8, S1, S5, S8, T9, V6, W1, W2, W5, W6, Z3, Z6, Z7, Z9 Series Z33Ae,Z3300Ae,A1 Series A1000 A1000B A1000D A1000F A1200 A1200-C700 A1300 A1300-P700 A1B A1D A1F A2 Series A2000 A2000C A2000D A2000G A2000L A2000S A2000T A2C A2D A2G A2L A2S A2T A3 Series A3000 A3000E A3000G A3000L A3000N A3E A3G A3L A3N A4D A4G A4Ga A6 Series A6000 A6000G A6000Ga A6000K A6000L A6000N A6000Ne A6000U A6000V A6000Va A6000Vc A6G A6Ga A6K A6L A6N A6Ne A6U A6V A6Va A6Vc B1 Series B1000 B1000A B1A F7 F7000 F74 F7400 F7400B F74B F7B L1 Series L1000 L1000A L1000B L1400 L1A L1B L2 Series L2000 L2000B L2000D L2000E L2400B L2400D L2400E L2B L2D L2E L3 Series L3000 L3000C L3000D L3000H L3000S L3000Tp L31 L3100 L32 L3200 L34 L3400 L35 L3500 L3800 L3C L3D L3H L3S L3Tp L4 Series L4000 L4000E L4000H L4000L L4000R L41 L42 L44 L45 L4500 L4500R L4E L4H L4L L4R L7 Series L7000 L7000B L7000C L7000D L7000E L7000G L7000H L7200 L7300 L7B L7C L7D L7E L7G L7H L8 Series L8000 L8000B L8000C L8000Ce L8000F L8000K L8000L L84 L8400 L8400B L8400C L8400Ce L8400F L8400K L8400L L84B L84C L84Ce L84F L84K L84L,M1 Series M1000 M1000A M1A M2 Series M2000 M2000A M2000C M2000E M2000N M2000Ne M2400 M2400A M2400C M2400E M2400N M2400Ne M2422N M2442N M2A M2C M2E M2N M2Ne M3 Series M3000 M3000N M3000NP M3N M3NP M5 Series M5000 M5000A M5000Ae M5000N M5000NP M500A M500Ae M500N M500NP M5200 M5200A M5200Ae M5200N M5200NP M5601N M5606N M5622N M5642N M5A M5Ae M5N M5NP M6 Series M6000 M6000A M6000C M6000Ce M6000N M6000Na M6000Ne M6000R M6000RF M6000V M6000Va M67 M6700 M6700A M6700C M6700Ce M6700N M6700Na M6700Ne M6700R M6700RF M6700V M6700Va M6706H M6722H M6722R M6742H M6762H M67A M67C M67Ce M67N M67Na M67Ne M67R M67RF M67V M67Va M68 M6800 M6800A M6800C M6800Ce M6800N M6800Na M6800Ne M6800R M6800RF M6800V M6800Va M6802N M6806N M6822N M6842N M6862N M68A M68C M68Ce M68N M68Na M68Ne M68R M68RF M68V M68Va M6A M6C M6Ce M6N M6Na M6Ne M6R M6RF M6V M6Va M8 Series M8000 M8000B M8000C M8200 M8200B M8200C M8300 M8300B M8300C M8B M8C,S1 Series S1000 S1000A S1000B S1000N S13 S1300 S1300A S1300B S1300N S13A S13B S13N S1A S1B S1N S5 Series S5000 S5000A S5000N S5000Ne S5000NP S5A S5N S5Ne S5NP S8 Series S8000 S8000A S82 S8200 S8200A S82A S86 S8600 S8600A S86A S8A,T9 Series T9000 T9000A T90A T9300A T93A T9400A T94A T9A,V6 Series V6000 V6000V V6000-V V6V V6-V W1 Series,W1000 W1000G W1000Ga W1000Gc W1000N W1000Na W1000V W1G W1Ga W1Gc W1N W1Na W1V W2 Series W2000 W2000V W2V W3 Series W3000 W3000A W3000N W3000V W3A W3N W3V W5 Series W5000 W5000A W5000Ae W5A W5Ae W6 Series W6000 W6000A W6A,Z3 Series Z30 Z3000 Z3000A Z3000N Z30N Z31 Series Z3100 Z31N Z33 Series Z3300 Z33A Z3A Z3N Z6 Series Z60 Z6000 Z6000A Z6000Ae Z6000N Z6000NP Z60A Z60Ae Z60N Z60NP Z61 Series Z6100 Z61A Z61Ae Z61N Z61NP Z63 Series Z6300 Z63A Z63Ae Z63N Z63NP Z6A Z6Ae Z6N Z6NP Z7 Series Z70 Z7000 Z7000A Z7000N Z7000Ne Z7000V Z70A Z70N Z70Ne Z70V Z71 Z7100 Z7100A Z7100N Z7100Ne Z7100V Z71A Z71N Z71Ne Z71V Z9 Series Z90 Z9000 Z9000R Z90R Z91 Z9100 Z9100E Z9100ER Z9100G Z9100L Z9100N Z91E Z91ER Z91G Z91L Z91N Z92 Z9200 Z9200G Z9200L Z9200Ne Z9200U Z9200Va Z92G Z92L Z92Ne Z92U Z92Va Z93 Z9300 Z9300E Z93E Z9R

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