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Compaq Laptop Wireless antennas wire assembly -336959-001

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Product Description

Compaq Laptop Wireless antennas wire assembly - 336959-001 Wireless Interface : Wireless antennas wire assembly - Includes the right and left side wires with cables supporting 802.11b and 802.11g networking technologyCompatible Models:Compaq Presario X1155EA notebook PC (EU) DP771E, DP773E, DP774E, DP772E, DP775E Compaq Presario X1200 Notebook PC (CTO L1.2) DP613AVR, DP613AV, DP614AVR, DP614AV, DR311AVR, DR311AV Compaq Presario X1201AP notebook PC (GC) DV770P Compaq Presario X1201US notebook PC (NA) DS466UR, DS466U Compaq Presario X1210AP notebook PC (AP) DV771P, DV772P, DV773PR, DV773P, DV774P, DV775P, DV776P, DV777P, DV778P, DU559A Compaq Presario X1210US notebook PC (NA) DS467UR, DS467U, DS463UR, DS463U Compaq Presario X1220EA notebook PC (EU) DV779P, DV780P, DV781P, DV782P, DV783P, DV784P, DV785P, DV786P, DV787P, DV788PA, DU561A Compaq Presario X1220US notebook PC (NA) DS464UR, DS464U Compaq Presario X1230AP notebook PC (GC) DV789P, DV790P, DV791P, DV792P, DY735PA, DY737PA, DY738PA, DY739PA, DY740PA Compaq Presario X1230US notebook PC (NA) DS468UR, DS468U Compaq Presario X1242AP notebook PC (AP) DY741PA, DY742PA, DY743PA, DY744PA, DY746PA, DY747PA, DY748PA, DY749PAR, DY749PA, DY750PAR, DY750PA, DY751PA, DY752PA Compaq Presario X1311AP notebook PC (AP) PD589PA Compaq Presario x1099AP notebook PC (AP) DE185AVR, DE185AV, DE186AVR, DE186AV, DE707AVR, DE707AV, DK454AVR, DK454AV, DK575AR, DK575A, DM771AR, DM771A, DL681A, DL858A, DM933A, DL964A, DR830A, DL857AR, DL857A, DL963A, DK571AR, DK571A, DR831A, DR832A, DL965A, DN585AR, DN585A, DN624AR, DN624A, DM415A, DK574AR, DK574A, DM416A, DK572AR, DK572A, DN582A, DN583A, DN584A, DN587A, DN588AR, DN588A, DN589A, DL898AR, DL898A, DN600AR, DN600A, DN591AR, DN591A, DM773AR, DM773A, DN592AR, DN592A, DN593A, DN594A, DN595AR, DN595A, DN596AR, DN596A, DN597AR, DN597A, DN598A, DN599A, DN601A, DM774AR, DM774A, DN602A, DN603A, DN604A, DN605A, DN606A, DN607A, DN608A, DN609A, DN610A, DN611A, DP485UR, DP485U, DM777AR, DM777A, DN612A, DN613A, DN614A, DN615A, DN616A, DN617AR, DN617A, DN618A, DN619A, DP487UR, DP487U, DN620A, DN621A, DN622A, DN623A, DN625A, DN626A, DN627A, DQ973A, DQ974A, DQ975A, DQ976A, DQ977A, DR268A, DR269A, DR270A, DR271A, DR272A, DR273AR, DR273A, DR274AR, DR274A, DR275AR, DR275A, DR276A, DR277A, DR278A, DR279A, DR280A, DR281A, DR282A, DR283A, DR284A, DR285A, DR286AR, DR286A, DR287A, DR822A, DR823A, DR824A, DR825A, DR826A, DR827A, DR828A, DR829A Compaq Presario x1200 Notebook PC (CTO L1.2) DS829AVR, DS829AV Compaq Presario x1300 Notebook PC (CTO) DT683AVR, DT683AV, DT684AVR, DT684AV, DT685AVR, DT685AV Compaq Presario x1301AP notebook PC (GC) PD579PA Compaq Presario x1301US notebook PC (NA) DZ299U Compaq Presario x1330AP notebooks PC (GC) PD580PA, PD581PA, PD582PA, PD583PA, PD584PAR, PD584PA, PD585PA, PD586PA, PD587PA, PD588PA, PD590PA, PD591PA, PD592PA, PD593PA, PD594PA, PD595PAR, PD595PA, PD596PA, PD597PA, PD598PA, PD599PA, PD600PA, PD602PA, PD603PA, PD604PA, PD605PA, PD606PA, PD607PA, PH261PA Compaq Presario x1390XX MV IUR notebook PC (NA) DZ302UR, DZ302U, DZ297UR, DZ297U, DZ300UR, DZ300U, DZ298UR, DZ298U, DZ753AS Compaq Presario x1400 (CTO L1.4) notebook PC PD699AV, PD700AV Compaq Presario x1434AP notebook PC (AP) PH508PAR, PH508PA, PH509PA, PH510PA, PH511PAR, PH511PA, PH512PA, PH513PA, PH514PA, PA127PA, PA128PAR, PA128PA, PA129PA, PA130PA, PA131PA, PA132PA, PA133PA, PA134PA, PA146PA, PA147PA, PA148PA, PA149PA, PA150PA, PA151PA, PA152PA, PF363PA, PF364PA, PF369PA, PF370PA, PF371PA, PF372PA, PH478PA, PH479PA, PD101PA, PN552PA, PN553PA, PN554PA Compaq Presario x1480XX MV IUR notebook PC (NA) PF096UAR, PF096UA, PF092UAR, PF092UA, PF093UA, PF843AS HP Compaq Business Notebook nx7000 DE710AV, DE711AV, DG704A, DG704T, DG705A, DG705T, DG706A, DG706T, DH904AR, DH904A, DL837AR, DL837A, DL845A, DL854AR, DL854A, DL855AR, DL855A, DP094A HP Compaq Business Notebook nx7010 PF638PA, DJ342A, DJ342T, DJ343A, DJ344A, DP628AV, DP629AV, DP630AV, DP631AV, DT622AV, DT623AV, DU259A, DU259T, DU391A, DU392A, DU395A, DU550A, DU551A, DU552A, DU687PR, DU687P, DU688PR, DU688P, DU690P, DU691P, DU692P, DU693P, DU708P, DV445P, DV843P, DV844PR, DV844P, DV845P, DV846P, DV847P, DV848PR, DV848P, DV849PR, DV849P, DV850P, DV851P, DV852P, DV853PR, DV853P, DV854P, DV855PR, DV855P, DV859PR, DV859P, DV860P, DV861P, DV862P, DV863P, DV871P, DV878P, DV879P, DX908P, DX909PR, DX909P, DX910P, DX911P, DX912P, DX913P, DX914P, DX915P, DX916P, DX917P, DX918P, DX921P, DX922P, DX923P, DX924P, DZ502PA, DZ503PA, DZ504PA, DZ747AA, DZ824PA, PA222PA, PA615PA, PA617PA, PB710PA, PC983PA, PD634PC, PD635PC, PD683PA, PD684PA, PD685PA, PD686PA, PD687PA, PD688PA, PD689PA, PD690PAR, PD690PA, PE747PA, PE748PAR, PE748PA, PE758PA, PE909PA, PE910PA, PF318PA, PF319PA, PF320PA, PG588EA, PH414PAR, PH414PA, PH415PA, PH748PA, PH749PA, PH758PAR, PH758PA, PH759PAR, PH759PA, PH760PA, PK359PAR, PK359PA, PK360PA, PK367PA, PK414PA, PK430PAR, PK430PA, PK431PA, PK432PA, PK433PA, PK434PA, PK704PA, PR630PA HP Pavilion zt3068CL notebook PC (NA) DL811AV, DL812AVR, DL812AV, DL813AVR, DL813AV, DN545AVR, DN545AV, DW375AV, DM783AR, DM783A, DR204A, DR242AR, DR242A, DP776E, DP781E, DM778AR, DM778A, DR243AR, DR243A, DR244A, DP785E, DR245A, DR246A, DR247A, DP784E, DR248A, DR249A, DP786E, DP789E, DV761L, DM781AR, DM781A, DR250A, DR251AR, DR251A, DP788E, DR252AR, DR252A, DP779E, DP782E, DP479UR, DP479U, DR253A, DR254A, DP783E, DR255A, DR256A, DP787E, DR257A, DR258AR, DR258A, DR259AR, DR259A, DR260A, DR261A, DR262A, DP777E, DT569A, DT570A, DT571A, DT572AR, DT572A, DT573A, DT574A, DT575A, DT576AA, DT577AA, DT578AA, DT579AA, DT580AA, DX830P, DX831P, DX832P, DX833PA, DX836PAR, DX836PA, DX837PAR, DX837PA, DX838PAR, DX838PA, DX839PAR, DX839PA, DP778E, DX840PA, DR205A, DM779AR, DM779A HP Pavilion zt3170US notebook PC (NA) DX682E, DS458UR, DS458U, DV289E, DV294E, DV288E, DV297E, DV292E, DV295E, DX680E, DV291E, DX683E, DV290E, DX681E, DV296E, DV293E, DS456UR, DS456U, DS457UR, DS457U HP Pavilion zt3280US notebook PC (NA) 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