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Compaq Presario 2100 Mini PCI wireless Card -319468-002

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Product Description

Compaq Presario 2100 Mini PCI wireless Card -319468-002Compaq Business Notebook nx9008 Compaq Presario 2100 Series Mini PCI 802.11b wireless LAN (WLAN) card - Supports IEEE 802.11b wireless standards - Maximum data rate of up to 11Mbps (World Wide)-319468-002Mini PCI Wireless LAN CardT60H424.04 - T60R416T02 - 319468-002Compatible Models:Compaq Business Notebook nx9008 DH941UR, DH941U, DH942UR, DH942U Compaq Presario 2124AD notebook PC (AP) DG033A Compaq Presario 2100 notebook PC (CTO AMD) DM393AVR, DM393AV, DG250AV Compaq Presario 2100 notebook PC (CTO T2.1/2.2) DA722AVR, DA722AV, DB349AV Compaq Presario 2100 notebook PC (CTO T4.8) AMD DA728AVR, DA728AV, DM373AVR, DM373AV Compaq Presario 2106US notebook PC (NA) DP659AVR, DP659AV, DU930AVR, DU930AV, PC770AVR, PC770AV, PC771AV, DD517AR, DD517A Compaq Presario 2108EA notebook PC (EU) DD664A Compaq Presario 2109AP notebook PC (AP) DE227A Compaq Presario 2110LA notebook PC (LA) DC747A Compaq Presario 2120EU notebook PC (EU) DM404A, DP821E Compaq Presario 2120US notebook PC (NA) DE598AR, DE598A Compaq Presario 2122EU notebook PC (EU) DP824E, DN574A, DP827EA Compaq Presario 2127AC notebook PC (GC) DF764AR, DF764A, DF967A, DF968A, DF969A Compaq Presario 2127EU notebook PC (EU) PB804EA Compaq Presario 2130AC notebook PC (GC) DF972A Compaq Presario 2130LA notebook PC (LA) DR200A Compaq Presario 2136AC notebook PC (GC) DF974AR, DF974A, DF975AR, DF975A, DF978A Compaq Presario 2143EA notebook PC (EU) DM963A Compaq Presario 2145US notebook PC (NA) DF841AR, DF841A, DC955AR, DC955A Compaq Presario 2155AE notebook PC (AP) DN571A, DN572A, DN573A Compaq Presario 2162EA notebook PC (EU) DN575A, DF765A Compaq Presario 2165AF notebook PC (AP) DM664A, DN631A Compaq Presario 2173EA notebook PC (EU) DG828A, DF766A, DF846A Compaq Presario 2180CA notebook PC (NA) DK580AR, DK580A, DL402AR, DL402A Compaq Presario 2180EA notebook PC (EU) DM660A Compaq Presario 2186AF notebook PC (AP) DS835A Compaq Presario 2500LA notebook PC (LA) DA733AV, DC944AVR, DC944AV, DM369AVR, DM369AV, DP662AVR, DP662AV, DA734AVR, DA734AV, DP663AVR, DP663AV, DC607A Compaq Presario 2501AP notebook PC (GC) DF856A Compaq Presario 2502AP notebook PC (AP) DE866A Compaq Presario 2505AP notebook PC (GC) DF857A Compaq Presario 2508EA notebook PC (EU) DG099A, DK775A Compaq Presario 2510AH notebook PC (AP) DR022A Compaq Presario 2510AP notebook PC (AP) DC721AR, DC721A Compaq Presario 2510AP notebook PC (GC) DF858A Compaq Presario 2510LA notebook PC (LA) DC609A Compaq Presario 2511AH notebook PC (AP) DR023A Compaq Presario 2513AI notebook PC (AP) DV540P Compaq Presario 2515EA notebook PC (EU) DN968A, DS945E, DL938A Compaq Presario 2520AP notebook PC (AP) DC718AR, DC718A Compaq Presario 2520LA notebook PC (LA) DF571A Compaq Presario 2521AI notebook PC (AP) DV548P Compaq Presario 2521EU notebook PC (EU) DP873E Compaq Presario 2524AI notebook PC (AP) DV549P, DV551P Compaq Presario 2524EU notebook PC (EU) DP876E Compaq Presario 2525AI notebook PC (AP) DV552PA Compaq Presario 2525US notebook PC (NA) DC715AR, DC715A, DB390AR, DB390A Compaq Presario 2526AI notebook PC (AP) DV553PA Compaq Presario 2527EU notebook PC (EU) DD660A, DP883E Compaq Presario 2528AP notebook PC (GC) DG083A Compaq Presario 2528EU notebook PC (EU) DP886E Compaq Presario 2529AH notebook PC (GC) DR233A Compaq Presario 2529EA notebook PC (EU) DG912A Compaq Presario 2530AH notebook PC (GC) DR234AR, DR234A Compaq Presario 2530EU notebook PC (EU) DP890E Compaq Presario 2532AP notebook PC (AP) DG084A Compaq Presario 2533EA notebook PC (EU) DG634A Compaq Presario 2535AP notebook PC (AP) DG085A Compaq Presario 2535AP notebook PC (GC) DC723AR, DC723A Compaq Presario 2535EA notebook PC (EU) DM952A Compaq Presario 2535QV notebook PC (NA) DC973AR, DC973A Compaq Presario 2536EU notebook PC (EU) DX727EA Compaq Presario 2537AH notebook PC (AP) DR489AR, DR489A Compaq Presario 2540EA notebook PC (EU) DK776A, DG914A, DG098A Compaq Presario 2541AH notebook PC (GC) DR927A Compaq Presario 2541AI notebook PC (AP) DY714PA Compaq Presario 2542EA notebook PC (EU) DG633A Compaq Presario 2544AI notebook PC (AP) DS451AR, DS451A, DY717PA Compaq Presario 2545AP notebook PC (AP) DG089A Compaq Presario 2547EA notebook PC (EU) DK730A, DN669A Compaq Presario 2548AP notebook PC (AP) DG090A Compaq Presario 2549EA notebook PC (EU) DG913A, DG915A Compaq Presario 2550CA notebook PC (NA) DF859AR, DF859A Compaq Presario 2550EA notebook PC (EU) DF810A Compaq Presario 2554AI notebook PC (AP) DY726PA, DY727PA Compaq Presario 2554EA notebook PC (EU) DM954A Compaq Presario 2555US notebook PC (NA) DC972AR, DC972A Compaq Presario 2560AP notebook PC (AP) DW812AA, DW813AA, DW815AA, DC727A Compaq Presario 2560EA notebook PC (EU) DM426A Compaq Presario 2562AP notebook PC (GC) DW818AA, DG096A Compaq Presario 2565AP notebook PC (AP) DX835PA, DC728A Compaq Presario 2565EA notebook PC (EU) DM666A Compaq Presario 2568AP notebook PC (AP) DG229AR, DG229A, DG629A, DG630AR, DG630A Compaq Presario 2570CA notebook PC (NA) DK562AR, DK562A Compaq Presario 2572AP notebook PC (AP) DM671A Compaq Presario 2572EA notebook PC (EU) DM956A Compaq Presario 2576AG notebook PC (AP) DM672A, DM669A Compaq Presario 2578AG notebook PC (AP) DN655A, DN656A Compaq Presario 2580CA notebook PC (NA) DM763AR, DM763A Compaq Presario 2582AG notebook PC (GC) DN660A Compaq Presario 2591AG notebook PC (AP) DN664A, DN665A, DN666A, DN841A Compaq Presario 2595AG notebook PC (AP) DP178A Compaq Presario 2596AG notebook PC (GC) DP179A Compaq Presario notebook PC 1115 (GR) F5877H, F5877 HP Compaq Business Notebook PC n1050v DC749A, DC750A, DC751A, DJ105S, DJ106S, DC767T, DC768T, DC769T, DC770T, DD152T, DD153T, DD154S, DE236S, DE237S, DJ156S HP Compaq Business Notebook PC nx9000 DF981A, DF982A, DF983A, DF984A, DF985A, DF986A, DF987AR, DF987A, DG211A, DG212A, DG213A, DG214A, DG223T, DG224T, DG225T, DG672A, DG673A, DG674A, DG675A, DG676A, DG677A, DG678A, DG679A, DG856A, DG857A, DG862A, DG863A, DG864A, DG865A, DG866A, DG868A, DG869AR, DG869A, DG870A, DG871AR, DG871A, DG872A, DG873A, DG874A, DG875AR, DG875A, DG876A, DG877A, DG878A, DG879A, DG880A, DG881A, DG882A, DG883A, DG884A, DG885AR, DG885A, DJ131S, DJ144S, DJ150S, DJ158S, DJ160S, DJ166S, DJ167S, DJ168S, DJ170S, DJ171S, DJ174S, DJ186S, DJ209S, DJ210A, DJ211A, DJ212A, DJ213A, DJ219S, DJ226S, DJ228S, DJ234S, DJ238S, DJ239S, DJ240S, DJ268S, DJ280S, DJ291S, DJ328S, DJ337S, DJ348S, DJ350S, DK452A, DK453AR, DK453A, DK787A, DK788A, DK789AR, DK789A, DK790AR, DK790A, DK938A, DK939A, DL015P, DL016P, DL040P, DL198P, DL199P, DL212P, DL930A, DL932A, DL933A, DL934A, DL935A, DM307P, DM308P, DM309P, DM310P, DM311P, DM316P, DM317P, DM318P, DM325P, DM556A, DM643A, DM863S, DM887P, DM889P, DM890P, DM891P, DM902P, DM903P, DM904P, DN473S, DN474S, DN577A, DN577T, DN578A, DN578T, DN579A, DN579T, DN857P, DN858P, DN859P, DN860P, DN867P, DN868P, DN869P, DN872P, DN873P, DN874P, DN875P, DN876P, DN878P, DP111S, DP112S, DQ508PR, DQ508P, DQ509P, DQ510P, DQ511P, DQ512P, DQ517P, DQ518P, DQ520P, DQ521P, DQ522P, DQ523P, DQ891P, DQ892P, DQ895P, DQ896P, DQ897PR, DQ897P, DQ898P, DQ899PR, DQ899P, DQ900P, DQ901P, DQ902P, DQ903P, DQ904P, DQ905P, DQ906P, DR119P, DR130P, DR131P, DR134P, DR135P, DR344P, DR345P, DR346P, DR352P, DR355P, DR356P, DR357P, DR358P, DR359P, DR583P, DR584P, DR586P, DR588P, DR589P, DR590P, DR843P, DR844P, DR845P, DR846P, DR847P, DR856P, DS314P, DS315P, DS316P, DS317P, DT638P, DT639PR, DT639P, DT653P, DT949P, DT951P, DT952P, DT953P, DT954P, DT955P, DT956P, DT957P, DU680P, DU681P, DX378P, DX379P, DX380P, DX388P, DY858PA, DZ836PA, DZ837PA, PA600PA HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9005 470060-687, 470060-796, 470061-445, 470061-446, DF988A, DF989A, DF990A, DF992AR, DF992A, DF993A, DF994A, DG194A, DG195A, DG196A, DG200A, DG201AR, DG201A, DG202A, DG203A, DG220T, DG221TR, DG221T, DG222T, DG670A, DG671A, DG832A, DG832T, DG833A, DG834A, DG835A, DG836A, DG837A, DG838A, DG839A, DG840A, DG841A, DG939AV, DH905AR, DH905A, DH949U, DJ127S, DJ128S, DJ145S, DJ149S, DJ161S, 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DG021A, DG207A, DG606A, DG025A, DK937A, DG612A, DG824A, DF577A, DF964A, DF834A, DG026A, DG614A HP Pavilion ze4400 (CTO) Notebook PC (Intel) DL682AVR, DL682AV, DL684AVR, DL684AV HP Pavilion ze4455EA notebook PC (EU) DN563A, DM429A, DN561A, DM654A, DN628A, DN629A, DN844A, DM958A, DM430A, DM997A, DM655A, DM431A, DM959A, DM960A, DM656A, DM657A, DM432A, DM998A HP Pavilion ze4500 (CTO) Notebook PC DM371AVR, DM371AV, DM391AVR, DM391AV HP Pavilion ze4526EA notebook PC (EU) DR919A, DS436E, DS442E HP Pavilion ze4600 (CTO) Notebook PC (AMD) DP657AVR, DP657AV HP Pavilion ze4700 (CTO) Notebook PC (AMD) DU928AVR, DU928AV HP Pavilion ze4821EA notebook PC (EU) PC768AVR, PC768AV, PC769AV, PF175UAR, PF175UA, PB793EA HP Pavilion ze5200 (CTO) Notebook PC (FF) DA731AV, DA732AVR, DA732AV, DB840AV HP Pavilion ze5262 notebook PC (EU) DC605A, DB679A, DC674A, DD679A, DC820A, DD659A, DC819A HP Pavilion ze5300 (CTO) Notebook PC (FF) DA723AV, DC945AVR, DC945AV HP Pavilion ze5345EA notebook PC (EU) DF569A, DK774A, 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notebook PC (NA) PA728AV, PA729AVR, PA729AV, PF194UR, PF194U

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