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Compaq Presario 2500 HP Pavilion ZE 5000 NX9010 Series (chassis bottom) 319469-001

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Product Description

Compaq Presario 2500 HP Pavilion ZE 5000 NX9010 Series (chassis bottom) 319469-001Enclosure base (chassis bottom) - For three fan (3F) models and the full-featured form factorCompatible Models:Compaq Business Notebook nx9008 DH941UR, DH941U, DH942UR, DH942U Compaq Presario 2100 Refurb notebook PC (CTO T4.8) DM393AVR, DM393AV Compaq Presario 2130LA notebook PC (LA) DB349AV, PC770AVR, PC770AV, PC771AV, DR200A Compaq Presario 2500 notebook PC (CTO T5.9) FF DA733AV, DC944AVR, DC944AV, DM369AVR, DM369AV, DP662AVR, DP662AV, DA734AVR, DA734AV, DP663AVR, DP663AV Compaq Presario 2500AP notebook PC (GC) DC606A Compaq Presario 2500LA notebook PC (LA) DC607A Compaq Presario 2501AP notebook PC (AP) DE865A Compaq Presario 2501AP notebook PC (GC) DF856A Compaq Presario 2503EA notebook PC (EU) DN839A Compaq Presario 2504AT notebook PC (AP) PD219PS Compaq Presario 2504EU notebook PC (EU) DU590E Compaq Presario 2505AP notebook PC (GC) DC720A, DF857A Compaq Presario 2505AT notebook PC (AP) PD209PS Compaq Presario 2505EU notebook PC (EU) DG099A, DP884E Compaq Presario 2507AT notebook PC (AP) PD210PS, PD211PS Compaq Presario 2507EU notebook PC (EU) DU593E Compaq Presario 2508AT notebook PC (AP) PD212PS Compaq Presario 2508EU notebook PC (EU) DK775A, DP885E Compaq Presario 2509AT notebook PC (AP) PD213PS Compaq Presario 2509EU notebook PC (EU) DF570A, DS949E Compaq Presario 2510AH notebook PC (AP) DR022A Compaq Presario 2510AI notebook PC (GC) DV537P Compaq Presario 2510AP notebook PC (AP) DC721AR, DC721A Compaq Presario 2510AP notebook PC (GC) DF858A Compaq Presario 2510AT notebook PC (AP) PD215PS Compaq Presario 2510EU notebook PC (EU) DC755A, DP878E Compaq Presario 2510LA notebook PC (LA) DC609A Compaq Presario 2511AH notebook PC (AP) DR023A Compaq Presario 2511AI notebook PC (GC) DV538P Compaq Presario 2511AT notebook PC (AP) PD214PS Compaq Presario 2511EU notebook PC (EU) DC817A, DP889E Compaq Presario 2512AI notebook PC (AP) DV539P Compaq Presario 2512AT notebook PC (AP) PD216PS Compaq Presario 2512EU notebook PC (EU) DC754A, DP882E Compaq Presario 2513AT notebook PC (AP) DR024A, PD217PS Compaq Presario 2513EU notebook PC (EU) DN968A, DS945E Compaq Presario 2514AT notebook PC (AP) PD218PS Compaq Presario 2514EU notebook PC (EU) DS946E Compaq Presario 2515AH notebook PC (AP) DR906A Compaq Presario 2515AP notebook PC (AP) DC717A Compaq Presario 2515AP notebook PC (GC) DG079A Compaq Presario 2515AT notebook PC (AP) PF557PS Compaq Presario 2515EA notebook PC (AP) DC730A Compaq Presario 2515EU notebook PC (EU) DL938A, DP874E Compaq Presario 2516AT notebook PC (AP) DR907A, PF558PS Compaq Presario 2516EU notebook PC (EU) DC731A, DS947E Compaq Presario 2517AT notebook PC (AP) DR908A, PK318PC Compaq Presario 2517EU notebook PC (EU) DM424A, DP881E Compaq Presario 2518AH notebook PC (AP) DR923A Compaq Presario 2519EU notebook PC (EU) DM951A, DP880E, DM425A, DP879E Compaq Presario 2520AH notebook PC (GC) DR224A Compaq Presario 2520AP notebook PC (AP) DC718AR, DC718A Compaq Presario 2520EU notebook PC (EU) DC732A, DP871E Compaq Presario 2520LA notebook PC (LA) DF571A Compaq Presario 2521AH notebook PC (GC) DR225A Compaq Presario 2522EU notebook PC (EU) DC733A, DP873E, DS948E Compaq Presario 2523AI notebook PC (GC) DV550P Compaq Presario 2523EU notebook PC (EU) DP875E Compaq Presario 2524AP notebook PC (GC) DG082A Compaq Presario 2524EU notebook PC (EU) DP876E Compaq Presario 2525AP notebook PC (GC) DC722A Compaq Presario 2525CA notebook PC (NA) DC715AR, DC715A Compaq Presario 2525EA notebook PC (EU) DC734A Compaq Presario 2525US notebook PC (NA) DB390AR, DB390A Compaq Presario 2527EU notebook PC (EU) DD660A, DP877E, DP883E Compaq Presario 2528AP notebook PC (GC) DR232A, DG083A Compaq Presario 2528AT notebook PC (AP) PM192PS Compaq Presario 2528EU notebook PC (EU) DF855A, DP886E Compaq Presario 2529AH notebook PC (GC) DR233A Compaq Presario 2529CL notebook PC (NA) DE867AR, DE867A Compaq Presario 2529EU notebook PC (EU) DG226A, DG912A, DP888E Compaq Presario 2530AH notebook PC (GC) DR234AR, DR234A Compaq Presario 2530AP notebook PC (AP) DC719A Compaq Presario 2531EU notebook PC (EU) DP890E, DG631A, DP887E Compaq Presario 2532AP notebook PC (AP) DG084A Compaq Presario 2533EA notebook PC (EU) DG632A, DU589E, DG634A Compaq Presario 2535AP notebook PC (AP) DG085A Compaq Presario 2535AP notebook PC (GC) DC723AR, DC723A Compaq Presario 2535EA notebook PC (EU) DM952A Compaq Presario 2535QV notebook PC (NA) DB391AR, DB391A, DC973AR, DC973A Compaq Presario 2536AI notebook PC (AP) DY709PA Compaq Presario 2537EU notebook PC (EU) DK776A, DV258E Compaq Presario 2538AP notebook PC (AP) DG086A Compaq Presario 2538CL notebook PC (NA) DC969AR, DC969A Compaq Presario 2539EA notebook PC (EU) DG914A, DV266E, DG635A Compaq Presario 2540AI notebook PC (GC) DR926A, DY713PA Compaq Presario 2540AP notebook PC (AP) DC716A Compaq Presario 2540AP notebook PC (AP) DG087A Compaq Presario 2540EA notebook PC (EU) DG098A Compaq Presario 2541AH notebook PC (GC) DR927A Compaq Presario 2542EA notebook PC (EU) DG227A, DG633A Compaq Presario 2543AP notebook PC (GC) DG081A Compaq Presario 2543AP notebook PC (GC) DG088A Compaq Presario 2544EA notebook PC (EU) DM953A, DN668A Compaq Presario 2545AP notebook PC (AP) DG089A Compaq Presario 2545AP notebook PC (GC) DC724A Compaq Presario 2545US notebook PC (NA) DC970AR, DC970A Compaq Presario 2547EA notebook PC (EU) DK730A, DN669A, PB842EA Compaq Presario 2548AP notebook PC (AP) DG090A Compaq Presario 2548EA notebook PC (EU) DG913A Compaq Presario 2549AI notebook PC (AP) DY722PA Compaq Presario 2549EA notebook PC (EU) DG915A Compaq Presario 2550AI notebook PC (AP) DY723PA Compaq Presario 2550AP notebook PC (GC) DC725AR, DC725A Compaq Presario 2550CA notebook PC (NA) DF859AR, DF859A Compaq Presario 2550EA notebook PC (EU) DF810A Compaq Presario 2551AI notebook PC (AP) DY724PA Compaq Presario 2551EU notebook PC (EU) DV259E Compaq Presario 2552AI notebook PC (AP) DY725PA Compaq Presario 2552EA notebook PC (EU) DN679A Compaq Presario 2554AI notebook PC (AP) DY726PA, DY727PA Compaq Presario 2554EA notebook PC (EU) DM954A Compaq Presario 2555AI notebook PC (AP) DY728PA Compaq Presario 2555AP notebook PC (AP) DG093A Compaq Presario 2555AP notebook PC (GC) DC726AR, DC726A Compaq Presario 2555EU notebook PC (EU) DV260E Compaq Presario 2555US notebook PC (NA) DC972AR, DC972A Compaq Presario 2558AI notebook PC (AP) DY729PA, DY730PA, DY731PA Compaq Presario 2558AP notebook PC (GC) DG094AR, DG094A Compaq Presario 2558EU notebook PC (EU) DM955A, DX722E Compaq Presario 2560AI notebook PC (AP) DY732PA, DY733PAR, DY733PA Compaq Presario 2560AP notebook PC (AP) DC727A Compaq Presario 2560AP notebook PC (GC) DG095A Compaq Presario 2560EA notebook PC (EU) DM426A Compaq Presario 2561AI notebook PC (AP) DY734PA Compaq Presario 2561US notebook PC (NA) DK561AR, DK561A Compaq Presario 2562AP notebook PC (GC) DW818AA, DG096A Compaq Presario 2564AI notebook PC (AP) PA095PA Compaq Presario 2565AI notebook PC (GC) PA096PA Compaq Presario 2565AP notebook PC (AP) DC728A Compaq Presario 2566AI notebook PC (GC) DG228A, PA097PA Compaq Presario 2566AP notebook PC (AP) DG229AR, DG229A Compaq Presario 2567AI notebook PC (GC) PA098PA Compaq Presario 2567AP notebook PC (AP) DG629A Compaq Presario 2568AI notebook PC (AP) PA099PA Compaq Presario 2568AP notebook PC (AP) DG630AR, DG630A Compaq Presario 2568CL notebook PC (NA) DK560AR, DK560A Compaq Presario 2569AI notebook PC (AP) PA100PA Compaq Presario 2569AP notebook PC (GC) DL440A Compaq Presario 2570AI notebook PC (AP) PA101PAR, PA101PA Compaq Presario 2570AP notebook PC (GC) DM557A Compaq Presario 2570CA notebook PC (NA) DK562AR, DK562A Compaq Presario 2570EA notebook PC (EU) DL939A Compaq Presario 2570US notebook PC (NA) DK558AR, DK558A Compaq Presario 2571AI notebook PC (AP) PA102PA Compaq Presario 2571AP notebook PC (GC) DM558A Compaq Presario 2572AI notebook PC (AP) PA103PA Compaq Presario 2572EA notebook PC (EU) DM956A Compaq Presario 2573AI notebook PC (AP) PA104PA Compaq Presario 2573AP notebook PC (AP) DM672A Compaq Presario 2574AG notebook PC (GC) DM667A Compaq Presario 2575AI notebook PC (AP) PA105PA, PA106PA Compaq Presario 2575US notebook PC (NA) DK559AR, DK559A Compaq Presario 2579AI notebook PC (AP) PA107PA, DN655A, PA108PAR, PA108PA, DN656A, PA109PAR, PA109PA, DN657A, PA110PA Compaq Presario 2580AI notebook PC (GC) PA111PA Compaq Presario 2580US notebook PC (NA) DM763AR, DM763A, DM758AR, DM758A Compaq Presario 2581AI notebook PC (AP) PA112PAR, PA112PA Compaq Presario 2581US notebook PC (NA) DM757AR, DM757A Compaq Presario 2582AG notebook PC (GC) DN660A Compaq Presario 2584AI notebook PC (AP) PA113PA, DN661A, PA114PA, DN662A, PA115PA Compaq Presario 2585AG notebook PC (AP) DN663A Compaq Presario 2585AI notebook PC (AP) PD139PA Compaq Presario 2585US notebook PC (NA) DM760AR, DM760A Compaq Presario 2590AT notebook PC (AP) DN664A, PD152PA, DN665A, DN666A, DZ207PS, DN667A, DZ208PS, DN840A, DZ209PS Compaq Presario 2590US notebook PC (NA) DM761AR, DM761A Compaq Presario 2591AT notebook PC (AP) DN841A, DZ210PS Compaq Presario 2592AG notebook PC (GC) DN842A Compaq Presario 2592AT notebook PC (AP) DZ232PC Compaq Presario 2592US notebook PC (NA) DZ370UR, DZ370U Compaq Presario 2593AG notebook PC (GC) DN843A Compaq Presario 2593AT notebook PC (AP) DZ233PC Compaq Presario 2593US notebook PC (NA) DZ369U Compaq Presario 2594AG notebook PC (AP) DP177AR, DP177A Compaq Presario 2594AT notebook PC (AP) DZ234PC Compaq Presario 2595AG notebook PC (AP) DP178A Compaq Presario 2595AT notebook PC (AP) DZ235PC Compaq Presario 2596AG notebook PC (GC) DP179A Compaq Presario 2597AT notebook PC (AP) DZ236PC, DN659A, DZ237PC Compaq Presario 2598AG notebook PC (AP) DP706A Compaq Presario 2598AT notebook PC (AP) DZ238PC Compaq Presario 2598CL notebook PC (NA) DM762A Compaq Presario 2599AT notebook PC (AP) DQ538AR, DQ538A, DZ615PS HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DG071AR, DG071A HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DG072A, DG073A, DG074A, DG075A, DG076AR, DG076A, DG077AR, DG077A, DG078AR, DG078A, DG231A, DG232A, DG233A, DG234A, DG235A, DG236A, DG237A, DG238A, DG239A, DG240T, DG241T, DG242T, DG243T, DG638A, DG639A, DG640A, DG641A, DG642A, DG643A, DG644A, DG645A, DG646A, DG647A, DG887AR, DG887A, DG890A, DG891A, DG893AR, DG893A, DG895AR, DG895A, DG897A, DG900A, DG901A, DG902A, DG903AR, DG903A, DG904AR, DG904A, DG905A, DG906A, DG907A, DG908A, DG909A, DG910A, DG911A, DG938AV, DH902AR, DH902A, DH903AR, DH903A HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DH908UR, DH908U, DH909UR, DH909U, DH910UR, DH910U, DH911U, DH912UR, DH912U HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DH921U, DH922U HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DH927UR, DH927U HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DH928U, DH937UR, DH937U, DH938UR, DH938U, DH939UR, DH939U, DH947UR, DH947U HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DJ123A, DJ123T, DJ124A, DJ124T, DJ157S, DJ162A, DJ162T, DJ172S HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DJ193S HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DJ206S HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DJ207S, DJ225S, DJ229S, DJ230S, DJ250S, DJ253S, DJ262S, DJ263S, DJ265S, DJ266S, DJ267S HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DJ274S, DJ275S, DJ278S HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DJ281S, DJ284S, DJ313AR, DJ313A, DJ314A, DJ315A, DJ315T, DJ316A, DJ316T, DJ317A, DJ317T, DJ320A, DJ320T, DJ347A HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DK444A, DK445A, DK770A, DK771A, DK772A, DK940A, DL039P, DL141A, DL438A, DL800A, DL801A, DL802A, DL803A HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DM896P, DN576A, DN576T HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DN581A HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DN581T, DN727CR, DN727C HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DN775A, DN775T HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DN802A, DN803A, DN804A, DN870P, DP089A, DP162A, DP163A, DP164A, DP165A, DP166A, DP167A, DP168A, DP169A, DP170A, DP171A, DP172A, DP173A, DP174A, DP364S HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DQ704AV, DQ841A, DQ842A, DQ843A HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DQ844A, DQ845A, DQ846A HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DQ848A, DQ849AR, DQ849A, DQ850A, DQ851A HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DQ852A, DQ853A, DQ854A, DQ855A, DQ856A, DQ888P, DQ889P, DQ890P, DR120P, DR121P, DR122P, DR123P, DR124P, DR125P, DR126P, DR127P, DR174A, DR175A, DR176A, DR292CR, DR292C, DR347P, DR348P, DR353P, DR360P, DR361P HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DR470A, DR478A HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9010 DR503AV, DR591P, DR592P, DR593P, DR594PR, DR594P, DR596P, DR597P, DR598P, DR599P, DR600P, DS318P, DS320P, DS321P, DS983CR, DS983C, DS998CR, DS998C, DU281S, DU284S, DU298S, DU309S, DU331S, DU332S, DU372S, DU409S, DU723SR, DU723S, DV134UR, DV134U, DV135UR, DV135U, DV448PR, DV448P, DV449P, DV450P, DV454P, DV455P, DV456P, DV461P, DV463P, DV464P, DV479L, DV480L, DV481L, DV604P, DV605P, DV606P, DV607P, DV608P, DV613P, DV867P, DV868P, DV870P, DV874P, DV875P, DV876P, DV877P, DV881P, DV895L, DV896L, DV897L, DV976CR, DV976C, DX389P, DX390P, DX919P, DX920P, DY794L, DY795L, DY796L, DY798L, DY801L, DY802L, DY803L, 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DK570A HP Pavilion xt595 notebook PC (NA) DE862AR, DE862A, DB397AR, DB397A, DC672AR, DC672A, DE861AR, DE861A, DC753AR, DC753A, DE863AR, DE863A HP Pavilion ze5200 (CTO) Notebook PC (FF) DA731AV, DA732AVR, DA732AV, DB840AV HP Pavilion ze5232 notebook PC (EU) DC604A, DC605A, DE864A, DC752A, DE256A HP Pavilion ze5236 notebook PC (NA) DB399AR, DB399A HP Pavilion ze5238 notebook PC (EU) DB679A, DC674A, DD679A HP Pavilion ze5240 notebook PC (NA) DC671AR, DC671A HP Pavilion ze5244 notebook PC (EU) DC714A, DC820A HP Pavilion ze5250 notebook PC (NA) DB395AR, DB395A HP Pavilion ze5262 notebook PC (EU) DC818A, DD659A, DC819A HP Pavilion ze5279 notebook PC (NA) DB396AR, DB396A, DC673AR, DC673A HP Pavilion ze5300 (CTO) Notebook PC (FF) DA723AV, DC945AVR, DC945AV HP Pavilion ze5362EA notebook PC (EU) DF569A, DK774A, DK773A, DF860A, DG636A, DL439A, DG067A, DG230A, DG637A, DG068A, DG916A, DF568A, DG917A, DG069A HP Pavilion ze5395US notebook PC (NA) DC968AR, DC968A, DC964AR, DC964A, DF862AR, DF862A, DC965AR, DC965A, DF809A HP Pavilion ze5400 (CTO) Notebook PC DL683AVR, DL683AV HP Pavilion ze5447LA notebook PC (LA) DL808A, DN652A, DM947A, DM670A, DQ539A, DM417A, DM948A, DL807A, DM949A, DM418A, DM999A, DM419A, DM950A, DL806A, DM420A, DN653A, DN838A, DM421A, DM422A, DR203A HP Pavilion ze5451US notebook PC (NA) DK569AR, DK569A HP Pavilion ze5460EA notebook PC (EU) DL805A, DN654A HP Pavilion ze5460US notebook PC (NA) DN837AR, DN837A HP Pavilion ze5467LA notebook PC (LA) DM423A, DL804A HP Pavilion ze5475CA notebook PC (NA) DK566AR, DK566A, DK564AR, DK564A, DL404AR, DL404A HP Pavilion ze5477LA notebook PC (LA) DL405A HP Pavilion ze5490US notebook PC (NA) DK567AR, DK567A, DK565AR, DK565A HP Pavilion ze5497LA notebook PC (LA) DV426L HP Pavilion ze5501US notebook PC (NA) DM368AVR, DM368AV, DP471UR, DP471U HP Pavilion ze5537LA notebook PC (LA) DP857E, DP854E, DP865E, DP867E, DR220A, DP855E, DR221A, DP869E, DR222A, DP864E, DR223A, DR486A, DR487A, DP853E, DR488A, DP860E, DR922A, DP862E, DT567A, DT568A, DS745E, DV637AA, DP851E, DP852E, DV933AA, DS746E, DV934AA, DV935AA, DP868E, DW809AA, DP866E, DW810AA, DP856E, DX823AA, DX828PR, DX828P, DP859E, DP861E, DP863E, DP858E, DP870E, DS742E, DS744E, DS743E, DU584E, DU585E, DR201A HP Pavilion ze5580US notebook PC (NA) DM764AR, DM764A, DP473UR, DP473U, DM769AR, DM769A, DP472UR, DP472U, DM767AR, DM767A, DM768AR, DM768A, DM766AR, DM766A HP Pavilion ze5587LA notebook PC (LA) DR202A HP Pavilion ze5590US notebook PC (NA) DP470U HP Pavilion ze5600 (CTO) Notebook PC DP660AV, DP661AVR, DP661AV, DR093AV HP Pavilion ze5650EA notebook PC (EU) DW955P, DY639E, DW956P, DW957P, DW958P, DW959P, DW960PA, DW961PA, DW962P, DW963P, DW964P, DV257E, DW965P, DX712E, DW966PR, DW966P, DW967P, DX718E, DW968P, DW969P, DV250E, DW970P, DX713E, DW971PA, DX716E, DW972PA, DX719E, DY638E, DY634E, DV256E, DX715E, DV252E, DY641E, DV765L, DV254E, DY637E, DV255E, PA348E HP Pavilion ze5700 (CTO) Notebook PC PA728AV, PA729AVR, PA729AV HP Pavilion ze5715EA notebook PC (EU) PB828EA HP Pavilion ze5738RS notebook PC (NA) DZ364UR, DZ364U

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