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Compaq Presario M2000 V2000 HP Pavilion dv1000 dv1100 ze2000 Motherboard (FF)- 373522-001

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Compaq Presario M2000 V2000 HP Pavilion dv1000 dv1100 ze2000 Motherboard (FF)- 373522-001 - 31CT3MB0031PC Board : Motherboard with Centrino technology (Full-Featured) - Includes the Intel 855GM chipset with 400MHz processor side bus and integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2, up to 64MB video memoryCompatible Models:Compaq Presario M2000 (CTO) Notebook PC PK550AV, PK551AV, PQ660AV Compaq Presario M2070EA notebook PC (EU) EA130PC, PS929PA, PS744EA, EA131PC, PS942PA, EA716PC, PS943PA, PT358PA, PT359PA, PT360PA, PT361PA, PT364PA, PT365PA, PT370PA, PS745EA, PT371PA, PS754EA, PT372PA, PT373PA, PT374PA, PT375PA, PT376PA, PT377PA, PT378PA, PT379PA, PS753EA, PT380PA, PS741EA, PT381PA, PT382PA, PT534PA, PT535PA, PT536PA, PT537PA, PT538PA, PT891PA, PT893PA, PT895PA, PS746EA, PV247PAR, PV247PA, PS755EA, PV248PA, PV256PA, PV259PA, PS752EA, PV260PA, PS749EA, PV262PA, PV266PA, PV267PA, PV274PA, PV276PA, PV277PA, PV280PA, PV288PA, PV292PA, PV297PA, PV322PA, PS742EA, PV323PA, PY834PA, PY835PA, PY836PA, PS739EA, PY837PA, PY860PA, PS750EA, PY861PA, PY862PA, PS748EA, PY877PA, PS751EA, PS747EA, PS740EA Compaq Presario M2070US notebook PC (NA) PX397UAR, PX397UA Compaq Presario M2075EA notebook PC (EU) PS743EA, PS756EA Compaq Presario M2099XX MV IUR notebook PC PX408AS Compaq Presario M2150EA notebook PC (EU) EC059EA, EC058EA, EC061EA, EC062EA Compaq Presario V2000 (CTO) Notebook PC DZ624AV, DZ667AV, PH614AV Compaq Presario V2001AP notebook PC (AP) PK812AS Compaq Presario V2001XX MV IUR notebook PC (NA) PK810AS, PK811AS Compaq Presario V2010AP notebook PC (AP) PF357PAR, PF357PA, PF358PA, PF359PAR, PF359PA, PF360PA, PF376PAR, PF376PA, PF377PAR, PF377PA, PH469PA, PH470PA, PR282AS, PH475PA Compaq Presario V2010US notebook PC (NA) PM063UAR, PM063UA Compaq Presario V2030AP notebook PC (AP) PD105PAR, PD105PA, PD106PA, PD107PA, PD108PA, PD109PA, PN905PA, PD121PA, PD122PAR, PD122PA, PH484PAR, PH484PA, PN564PA, PN565PA, PN566PA, PN568PA, PN569PA, PN570PA, PN571PA, PN572PA, PN573PAR, PN573PA, PN567PA, PN891PA Compaq Presario V2030US notebook PC (NA) PM064UAR, PM064UA Compaq Presario V2035AP notebook PC (AP) PN901PA, PN902PA, PN915PAR, PN915PA, PP965PA, PP966PA Compaq Presario V2069CL notebook PC (NA) PM066UAR, PM066UA Compaq Presario V2150US notebook PC (NA) PN308AV, PN309AV, PR435UA, PR433UAR, PR433UA, PR436UA, PT988UAR, PT988UA Compaq Presario V2220US notebook PC (NA) PX335UA, PX337UAR, PX337UA HP Pavilion dv1000 (CTO) Notebook PC DZ677AVR, DZ677AV, DZ678AV, DZ731AV HP Pavilion dv1001AP notebook PC (GC) PK809AS HP Pavilion dv1001XX MV IUR notebook PC (NA) PK807AS HP Pavilion dv1002AP notebook PC (GC) PF352PA HP Pavilion dv1002XX MV IUR notebook PC (NA) PK808AS HP Pavilion dv1010AP notebook PC (AP) PF353PAR, PF353PA, PF354PAR, PF354PA, PF355PA, PF356PAR, PF356PA, PF367PA, PF368PA, PH468PA, PH476PA HP Pavilion dv1010US notebook PC (NA) PM056UAR, PM056UA, PM053UAR, PM053UA HP Pavilion dv1014AP notebook PC (AP) PD110PA, PD112PA, PD113PAR, PD113PA HP Pavilion dv1014LA notebook PC (LA) PP888LA HP Pavilion dv1015AP notebook PC (AP) PD114PA HP Pavilion dv1015LA notebook PC (NA, LA) PN713LA HP Pavilion dv1024AP notebook PC (AP) PD117PA, PD118PA, PD119PA, PD120PAR, PD120PA, PD111PAR, PD111PA, PH482PAR, PH482PA, PH483PA, PN562PA, PN563PA, PN575PA HP Pavilion dv1024LA notebook PC (LA) PN889PA HP Pavilion dv1025AP notebook PC (AP) PN576PA HP Pavilion dv1025LA notebook PC (NA, LA) PN712LA HP Pavilion dv1037AP notebook PC (GC) PN907PA, PN578PA, PN908PAR, PN908PA, PN888PA, PN910PA, PP963PA, PP971PA, PP981PA, PP982PA, PP989PA, PS939PA, PS940PA HP Pavilion dv1065US notebook PC (NA) PM057UAR, PM057UA, PM054UAR, PM054UA, PM055UA, PM058UAR, PM058UA, PM059UAR, PM059UA, PM061UAR, PM061UA HP Pavilion dv1100 (CTO) Notebook PC PN310AV, PN311AV HP Pavilion ze2000t (CTO) Notebooks PC PM341AV, PM342AV, PS848AV, PQ648AV HP Pavilion ze2001AP notebook PC (AP) PS928PA HP Pavilion ze2001XX MV IUR notebook PC PT590AS HP Pavilion ze2004AP notebook PC (GC) PT362PA, PT363PA, PT369PA HP Pavilion ze2004US notebook PC (NA) PX390UA HP Pavilion ze2008AP notebook PC (AP) PT519PA, PT520PA, PT521PA, PT522PA HP Pavilion ze2008WM notebook PC (NA) PX391UA HP Pavilion ze2009AP notebook PC (AP) PT523PA HP Pavilion ze2009XX MV IUR notebook PC PX407AS HP Pavilion ze2014AP notebook PC (GC) PT532PA, PT533PA, PT539PA, PT540PA, PV278PA HP Pavilion ze2015US notebook PC (NA) PX382UA HP Pavilion ze2019AP Notebook PC (AP) PV293PA, PY858PA HP Pavilion ze2020CA notebook PC (NA) PX387UA HP Pavilion ze2091EA Notebook PC (EU) PW947EA, PS727EA, PX287LA, PS729EA, PX288LA, PS720EA, PW959EA, PW961EA, PS734EA, PW948EA, PS730EA, PW958EA, PW963EA, PS725EA, PW954EA, PW960EA, PW953EA, PW950EA, PS732EA, PS719EA, PS731EA, PW951EA, PW957EA HP Pavilion ze2150EA notebook PC (EU) PW964EA, PW966EA, EA960EA, EA961EA31CT2MB0038, DA0CT1MB6H5

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