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COMPAQ Presario-Notebook 900 Series Notebook DVD CDRWs-DD216-69001

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COMPAQ Presario-Notebook 900 Series Notebook DVD CDRWs-DD216-69001 Compatible Models:Compaq X Gaming PC X09 DQ091AR, DQ091A IDE CD-RW/DVD-ROM combination drive - 48X D7252Q IDE DVD-ROM & CD-RW combo drive - 48X D7252J IDE DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive - 48X D7252U IDE DVD/CD-RW Combo drive - 48X-24X-48X-16X P8684AVR, P8684AV IDE DVD/CD-RW Combo drive - 48X-24X-48X-16X P8684BV Media Center PC m490k (Asia Pacific) DT239A Media Center PC m492k (Asia Pacific) DT099A Media Center m1000y CTO (D7223L) D7223LR, D7223L Media Center m1050e CTO (PJ622AV) PJ622AVR, PJ622AV Media Center m1050e CTO (PU061AV) PU061AV Media Center m1050y CTO (D7223M) D7223MR, D7223M Media Center m1050y CTO (PJ697AV) PJ697AV Media Center m1050y CTO (PJ720AV) PJ720AV Media Center m1050y CTO (PU060AV) PU060AV Media Center m200y CTO (D7219Q) Pentium 4 Stingray D7219Q Media Center m400y CTO (D7222P) - P4, Oxford D7222PR, D7222P Media Center m428cn (Asia Pacific) DT136A Media Center m438cn (Asia Pacific) DT137A Media Center m497k (Asia Pacific) DW147A Media Center m580cn (Asia Pacific) DY109A Media Center m588cn (Asia Pacific) DY110A Media Center m590k (Asia Pacific) DY059A Media Center m591k (Asia Pacific) PE538A Media Center m688cn (Asia Pacific) PE539A Pavilion 516x DK397AR, DK397A Pavilion 544a (Asia Pacific) DD303A, DD303R Pavilion 6220KR (Asia Pacific) DD306A Pavilion 764k (Asia Pacific) DD305A Pavilion S6030AN (Asia Pacific) DT082AR, DT082A, DT082R Pavilion a200y CTO (D7219M) Celeron, Glendale D7219M Pavilion a210e CTO (D7219K) AMD Athlon, Salsa D7219K Pavilion a210y CTO (D7219N) Pentium 4, K2 D7219N Pavilion a244w DM144AR, DM144A Pavilion a250e CTO (D7219L) AMD Athlon, Explorer 2 D7219L Pavilion a250y CTO (D7219P) Pentium 4, Stingray D7219P Pavilion a300y CTO (D7222C) - Intel Celeron D7222C Pavilion a300y CTO (D7222U) D7222U Pavilion a310e CTO (D7222A) - AMD Athlon D7222A Pavilion a316n DQ108AR, DQ108A Pavilion a340a (Asia Pacific) DN036A, DN036R Pavilion a345w DT096AR, DT096A Pavilion a350e CTO (D7222T) - AMD Athlon base D7222T Pavilion a350y CTO (D7222E) - Intel Pentium 4 D7222E Pavilion a400y CTO (D7222K) - Celeron/P4, Gamila D7222K Pavilion a404x DT041AR, DT041A Pavilion a408x DT166AR, DT166A Pavilion a410e CTO (D7222L) - AMD Athlon, Kamet2 D7222L Pavilion a410y CTO (D7222Q) P4, Giovani D7222Q Pavilion a413cl (Asia Pacific) DY021A Pavilion a414x DT037AR, DT037A Pavilion a420a (Asia Pacific) DT063AR, DT063A, DT063R Pavilion a422d (Asia Pacific) DT270A Pavilion a424x DT049AR, DT049A Pavilion a428d (Asia Pacific) DT115A Pavilion a450e CTO (D7222S) - AMD Athlon 64 Diablo D7222S Pavilion a450y CTO (D7222M) - Intel P4, Oxford D7222M Pavilion a500y CTO (D7222W) D7222W Pavilion a504I (Asia Pacific) PE433A Pavilion a508hk (Asia Pacific) DY086A Pavilion a510cl (Asia Pacific) DY104AR, DY104A Pavilion a510e CTO (D7223Q) D7223Q Pavilion a522d (Asia Pacific) DY069A Pavilion a524x DW248AR, DW248A Pavilion a525cn (Asia Pacific) DY108A Pavilion a528d (Asia Pacific) DY071A Pavilion a530e CTO (D7223D) D7223D Pavilion a536cl (Asia Pacific) DY105A Pavilion a550e CTO (D7223B) D7223BR, D7223B Pavilion a550y CTO (D7222Z) D7222ZR, D7222Z Pavilion a600y CTO (D7223F) D7223FR, D7223F Pavilion a610e CTO (D7223J) D7223J Pavilion a610y CTO (D7223G) D7223GR, D7223G Pavilion a650e CTO (D7223K) D7223KR, D7223K Pavilion a650y CTO (D7223H) D7223HR, D7223H Pavilion a700y CTO (PJ618AV) PJ618AVR, PJ618AV Pavilion a700y CTO (PJ710AV) PJ710AVR, PJ710AV Pavilion a700y CTO (PU062AV) PU062AV Pavilion a700y CTO (PU063AV) PU063AV Pavilion a710e CTO (PJ619AV) PJ619AVR, PJ619AV Pavilion a750e CTO (PJ620AV) PJ620AVR, PJ620AV Pavilion a750y CTO (PJ621AV) PJ621AVR, PJ621AV Pavilion a800y CTO (PU000AV) PU000AV Pavilion a810e CTO (PU003AV) PU003AV Pavilion a810y CTO (PU002AV) PU002AV Pavilion a815y CTO (PU146AV) PU146AV Pavilion a850e CTO (PU004AV) PU004AV Pavilion a850y CTO (PU005AV) PU005AV Pavilion j316cn (Asia Pacific) DN082A Pavilion j416cl (Asia Pacific) DT298A Pavilion j418cl (Asia Pacific) DW299A Pavilion m300y CTO (D7222G) - Media Center, P4 D7222G Pavilion t122k (Asia Pacific) DD261A Pavilion t123d (Asia Pacific) DD281A Pavilion t124a (Asia Pacific) DD228A, DD228R Pavilion t134a (Asia Pacific) DD229A, DD229R Pavilion t152k (Asia Pacific) DF243A Pavilion t162k (Asia Pacific) DD264A Pavilion t172k (Asia Pacific) DD265A Pavilion t182k (Asia Pacific) DK286A Pavilion t210d (Asia Pacific) DK306A Pavilion t222d (Asia Pacific) DK256A Pavilion t222k (Asia Pacific) DK236A Pavilion t225d (Asia Pacific) DK323A Pavilion t230a (Asia Pacific) DK226A, DK226R Pavilion t230d (Asia Pacific) DK257A Pavilion t230i (Asia Pacific) DK244A Pavilion t232k (Asia Pacific) DK237A Pavilion t237k (Asia Pacific) DN021A Pavilion t238d (Asia Pacific) DN098A Pavilion t240a (Asia Pacific) DK227A, DK227R Pavilion t272k (Asia Pacific) DK239A Pavilion t302k (Asia Pacific) DN045A Pavilion t307k (Asia Pacific) DN046A Pavilion t308cn (Asia Pacific) DN132A Pavilion t317k (Asia Pacific) DN047A Pavilion t322d (Asia Pacific) DN069A Pavilion t328k (Asia Pacific) DQ043A Pavilion t330i (Asia Pacific) DN056A Pavilion t335d (Asia Pacific) DN142A Pavilion t337k (Asia Pacific) DN050A Pavilion t348d (Asia Pacific) DN071A Pavilion t371k (Asia Pacific) DT242A Pavilion t373k (Asia Pacific) DT247A Pavilion t402k (Asia Pacific) DT087A Pavilion t408cl (Asia Pacific) DT133A Pavilion t415cn (Asia Pacific) DT234A Pavilion t422k (Asia Pacific) DT089A Pavilion t430i (Asia Pacific) DT104A Pavilion t432k (Asia Pacific) DY031A Pavilion t438d (Asia Pacific) DT117A Pavilion t442k (Asia Pacific) DT238A Pavilion t467k (Asia Pacific) DT092A Pavilion t478d (Asia Pacific) DT237A Pavilion t502k (Asia Pacific) DY044A Pavilion t512k (Asia Pacific) DY045A Pavilion t520a (Asia Pacific) DY033AR, DY033A, DY033R Pavilion t522k (Asia Pacific) DY046A Pavilion t530i (Asia Pacific) DY062A Pavilion t538d (Asia Pacific) DY073A Pavilion t539k (Asia Pacific) PC081A Pavilion t550a (Asia Pacific) DY034AR, DY034A, DY034R Pavilion t567k (Asia Pacific) DY048A Pavilion t578d (Asia Pacific) DY077A Pavilion u520cl (Asia Pacific) DY106A Pavilion u526cn (Asia Pacific) PC167A Pavilion u528cl (Asia Pacific) DY107AR, DY107A Pavilion u535cn (Asia Pacific) DY115A Pavilion v342k (Asia Pacific) DN090A Pavilion v347k (Asia Pacific) DN091A Pavilion v420k (Asia Pacific) DT094A Pavilion v422k (Asia Pacific) DW295A Pavilion v442k (Asia Pacific) DW150A Pavilion v447k (Asia Pacific) DW148A Pavilion v452k (Asia Pacific) PE526A Pavilion v462k (Asia Pacific) DT098A Pavilion v477k (Asia Pacific) DW149A Pavilion v532k (Asia Pacific) DY055A Pavilion v537k (Asia Pacific) PC080A Pavilion v542k (Asia Pacific) DY051A Pavilion v547k (Asia Pacific) DY052A Presario S3110AP (Asia Pacific) DD337A Presario S3160AP (Asia Pacific) DD338A Presario S3210IN (Asia Pacific) DD273A Presario S3220IN (Asia Pacific) DD274A Presario S3230AP (Asia Pacific) DD250A Presario S3300KR (Asia Pacific) DD268A Presario S3350KR (Asia Pacific) DD269A Presario S4010CL DF262AR, DF262A Presario S4100NX DF214AR, DF214A Presario S4180AP (Asia Pacific) DN099A Presario S4190AP (Asia Pacific) DN100A Presario S4214BD DM142A Presario S4250IN (Asia Pacific) DK249A Presario S4300KR (Asia Pacific) DK242A Presario S5000CL DN024AR, DN024A Presario S5020NX DQ047AR, DQ047A Presario S5100KR (Asia Pacific) DN052A Presario S5140WM DM197AR, DM197A Presario S5150KR (Asia Pacific) DQ191A Presario S5180HK (Asia Pacific) DN088A Presario S5300KR (Asia Pacific) DN053A Presario S5350KR (Asia Pacific) DN054A Presario S5380AP (Asia Pacific) DN093A Presario S5500KR (Asia Pacific) DQ186A Presario S5550KR (Asia Pacific) DQ192A Presario S5620IN (Asia Pacific) DN060A Presario S6010HK (Asia Pacific) DT258A Presario S6020HK (Asia Pacific) PC152A Presario S6100KR (Asia Pacific) DT100A Presario S6150AP (Asia Pacific) DT124A Presario S6180HK (Asia Pacific) DT141A Presario S6200CF CTO, Intel, Gamila (Asia Pacific) P8657AV Presario S6200KR (Asia Pacific) PC067A Presario S6306RC DT059AR, DT059A Presario S6500KR (Asia Pacific) DT101A Presario S6550KR (Asia Pacific) DT102A Presario S6600KR (Asia Pacific) DY009A Presario S6650KR (Asia Pacific) DW154A Presario S6800CF CTO, Intel, Cobra (Asia Pacific) P8657BV Presario SR1020CF CTO, Intel, Gamila(Asia Pacific) P9902AV Presario SR1020KR (Asia Pacific) DY057A Presario SR1028HK (Asia Pacific) DY091A Presario SR1030AN (Asia Pacific) DY040AR, DY040A, DY040R Presario SR1033WM DY026AR, DY026A Presario SR1048HK (Asia Pacific) DY092A Presario SR1050AP (Asia Pacific) DY081A Presario SR1070KR (Asia Pacific) DY058A Presario SR1080CF CTO, Intel, Cobra (Asia Pacific) P9902BVR, P9902BV Presario SR1120CF CTO, Intel (Asia Pacific) P9902CVR, P9902CV Presario SR1180CF CTO, Intel (Asia Pacific) P9902DVR, P9902DV Presarion S7300CL DW263AR, DW263A

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