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Compaq Presario V6000 HP Pavilion dv6000 dv9000 160GB SATA Hard Drive - 438485-001

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Compaq Presario V6000 HP Pavilion dv6000 dv9000 160GB SATA Hard Drive - 438485-001160GB SATA 1.5Gb/s hard disk drive - 5,400 RPM, 2.5-inch form factor, 9.5MM thick Compaq Presario V6000 Series Notebook PCGQ362AVCompaq Presario V6000 Series Notebook PCRD181AVR, RD181AVCompaq Presario V6000 Series Notebook PCRX943AVCompaq Presario V6000 Series Notebook PCRX947AVCompaq Presario V6000T CTO Notebook PCGB115AV, GN398PACompaq Presario V6200 Base Notebook PCGC167PA, RD864AV, RS547EAR, RS547EA, RU676UAR, RU676UA, RZ838PA, RZ898PACompaq Presario V6200 Series Notebook PCEZ855AVR, EZ855AV, RK664AVCompaq Presario V6300 Base Notebook PCGA231UAR, GA231UA, GF818EAR, GF818EA, GF820EAR, GF820EA, GG186PA, GH816EAR, GH816EACompaq Presario V6300 Series Notebook PCGJ571EA, GJ573EAR, GJ573EACompaq Presario V6400 Base Notebook PCGL926UAR, GL926UA, GN409PAR, GN409PACompaq Presario V6400 Series Notebook PCGM018UAR, GM018UACompaq Presario V6400 Series Notebook PCRX951AVHP Pavilion dv6000 Series Notebook PCEW434AV, EZ829AVR, EZ829AV, RD167AVR, RD167AVHP Pavilion dv6200 Base Notebook PCRD861AVHP Pavilion dv6200 Base Notebook PCRD862AV, RP153UAR, RP153UA, RW114ASHP Pavilion dv6200 Base Notebook PCRW771EAR, RW771EA, RW772EAR, RW772EA, RW774EAR, RW774EA, RW782EAR, RW782EA, RW785EAR, RW785EA, RW793EAR, RW793EAHP Pavilion dv6200 Base Notebook PCRY600EAR, RY600EAHP Pavilion dv6200 Base Notebook PCRY602EAR, RY602EA, RY605EAR, RY605EA, RY606EAR, RY606EA, RY608EAR, RY608EA, RY611EAR, RY611EA, RY617EAR, RY617EAHP Pavilion dv6200 Base Notebook PCRY618EAR, RY618EAHP Pavilion dv6200 Base Notebook PCRY619EAR, RY619EAHP Pavilion dv6200 Base Notebook PCRY623EAR, RY623EAHP Pavilion dv6200 Series Notebook PCEZ796AVR, EZ796AVHP Pavilion dv6200 Series Notebook PCRK654AVHP Pavilion dv6200 Series Notebook PCRP283UAR, RP283UA, RP284UAR, RP284UA, RP285UAR, RP285UA, RP295UAR, RP295UA, RP299UAR, RP299UA, RP305UAR, RP305UA, RU696UAR, RU696UA, RU697UAR, RU697UA, RU699UAR, RU699UA, RU882PA, RV768AS, RY226PA, RY289PAR, RY289PA, RY300PA, RZ827PAR, RZ827PAHP Pavilion dv6300 Base Notebook PCGA212UAR, GA212UA, GA219UAR, GA219UAHP Pavilion dv6300 Base Notebook PCGF644EAR, GF644EA, GF646EAR, GF646EAHP Pavilion dv6300 Base Notebook PCGF647EAR, GF647EAHP Pavilion dv6300 Base Notebook PCGF649EAR, GF649EA, GF650EAR, GF650EAHP Pavilion dv6300 Base Notebook PCGF651EAR, GF651EAHP Pavilion dv6300 Base Notebook PCGF654EAR, GF654EA, GF658EAR, GF658EA, GF660EAR, GF660EA, GF662EAR, GF662EA, GF671EAR, GF671EA, GF672EA, GF673EAR, GF673EA, GH783EAR, GH783EA, GH784EAR, GH784EA, GH785EAR, GH785EA, GH788EAR, GH788EA, GH792EA, GH793EAR, GH793EA, GH794EAR, GH794EAHP Pavilion dv6300 Base Notebook PCGH795EAR, GH795EAHP Pavilion dv6300 Base Notebook PCGH797EAR, GH797EA, GH798EAR, GH798EA, GH799EA, GH800EAR, GH800EA, GH802EAR, GH802EAHP Pavilion dv6300 Base Notebook PCGH803EAR, GH803EA, GH805EAR, GH805EAHP Pavilion dv6300 Base Notebook PCGH806EAR, GH806EAHP Pavilion dv6300 Base Notebook PCGH813EAR, GH813EAHP Pavilion dv6300 Base Notebook PCGJ044EAR, GJ044EA, GJ054EAR, GJ054EA, GJ055EAR, GJ055EA, GJ056EAR, GJ056EA, GM475EAR, GM475EAHP Pavilion dv6300 Base Notebook PCRD863AVHP Pavilion dv6300 Base Notebook PCRV003UAR, RV003UA, RV009UAR, RV009UA, RV020UAR, RV020UAHP Pavilion dv6300 Series Notebook PCGA127UAR, GA127UA, GA132UAR, GA132UA, GG181PAR, GG181PA, GG211PAR, GG211PA, GG214PA, GG226PA, GG257PA, GJ154PA, GM244PA, RV212UAR, RV212UA, RV213UAR, RV213UA, RV214UAR, RV214UA, RV220UAR, RV220UAHP Pavilion dv6400 Base Notebook PCGA443UAR, GA443UA, GA444UAR, GA444UA, GA447UAR, GA447UA, GA448UAR, GA448UA, GA449UAR, GA449UA, GA450UAR, GA450UAHP Pavilion dv6400 Base Notebook PCGA451UAR, GA451UAHP Pavilion dv6400 Base Notebook PCGA454UAR, GA454UA, GA456UAR, GA456UA, GA458UAR, GA458UA, GL909UAR, GL909UA, GL911UAR, GL911UA, GL912UAR, GL912UA, GL914UAR, GL914UA, GL915UAR, GL915UA, GM695LA, GN491LA, KA249UAR, KA249UA, KA250UAR, KA250UA, RX945AVHP Pavilion dv6400 Series Notebook PCGA378UAR, GA378UA, GA382UAR, GA382UA, GA383UAR, GA383UA, GA386UAR, GA386UA, GL994UA, GL995UAR, GL995UA, GM003UAR, GM003UA, GM004UAR, GM004UA, GM005UAR, GM005UA, GM007UAR, GM007UA, GM009UAR, GM009UA, RX942AVHP Pavilion dv6400 Series Notebook PCRX950AVHP Pavilion dv6500 Base Notebook PCRM098AVHP Pavilion dv6500 Series Notebook PCGM816AVHP Pavilion dv6600 Base Notebook PCGS798UAR, GS798UAHP Pavilion dv9000 Series Notebook PCEW635AV, EW680AVR, EW680AVHP Pavilion dv9000 Series Notebook PCEZ379AVR, EZ379AVHP Pavilion dv9200 Series Notebook PCEZ345AVR, EZ345AVHP Pavilion dv9200 Series Notebook PCRL015AV, RP122UAR, RP122UAHP Pavilion dv9200 Series Notebook PCRP245UAR, RP245UA, RP246UAR, RP246UA, RU688UAR, RU688UA, RU878PAR, RU878PA, RX568LA, RY851LA, RZ828PAR, RZ828PA, RZ900PAHP Pavilion dv9300 Series Notebook PCGA074UAR, GA074UA, GA076UAR, GA076UA, GA077UAR, GA077UA, GA078UAR, GA078UA, GG202PAR, GG202PA, RU975UAR, RU975UAHP Pavilion dv9300 Series Notebook PCRV112UAR, RV112UA, RV116UAR, RV116UA, RV119UAR, RV119UAHP Pavilion dv9400 Series Notebook PCGA355UAR, GA355UA, GA356UAR, GA356UA, GA358UAR, GA358UA, GD574AV, GL018AS, GL880UAR, GL880UA, GL886UAR, GL886UA, GL887UAR, GL887UA, GL888UAR, GL888UA, GL889UAR, GL889UA, GL892UAR, GL892UAHP Pavilion dv9500 Series Notebook PCRL653AV- This is not a new hard drive. It is a pulled item which might have different compatible part number or model. Please call us before purchasing if you need the exact part number or model

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One Year Warranty

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