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Fujitsu Amilo A D1800 L6800 M7800 C1110 Aeries 90 Watt AC Adapter - AC90W1

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Fujitsu Amilo A D1800 L6800 M7800 C1110 Aeries 90 Watt AC Adapter - AC90W1Code :Gateway 600 400Compatible Models:Amilo A Series, D1800, L6820, M-7800, C1110, C1110D(PM),A1010,C1020,C2010,C2110,C2111, C2210,C2220,C2230,E2010,E4010,E4010D,E7000,E7000 ,AcerNote 367, AcerNote 390, Anywhere 1100LX , Anywhere 1120LX, TravelMate C110, TravelMate 242FX,Extensa 350 Series, Extensa 360 Series, Extensa 365 Series, Extensa 366 Series, Extensa 366D, Extensa 367 Series, Extensa 368Series, Extensa 390 Series, Extensa 391Series, Extensa 392 Series, Extensa 395 Series, Extensa 550 Series, Extensa 600 Series, Extensa 900 Series, ESS3-391TTI, Extensa 393 Series, TI Extensa 394 Series, TI Extensa 550 Series, TI Extensa 600 Series, Aspire 1605, Aspire 1350, Acom FT6000A, Acom Patriot 8000, Acom Patriot 8800, Act P-88T, AEC Olympia LT386SX, AIM Green 759, Alcam Designer400, Altima Maestro P79R, AMI FT 8850, AMI TF6720, AMI TF6760, Rodeo 1000CT, Rodeo 1000CX, Rodeo 1010CT, Rodeo 1010CX, Rodeo 1010CXNT, Rodeo 7000, Rodeo 7030ECX, Rodeo 7620, Rodeo 7630ECXDNT, Rodeo 7640XL, TravelPro 180, TravelPro 1900, APP 87, APT Green 795, Argonaut Scout, Aspen 6200D, Atasi 1100, Atasi 1200, Atasi 900, InnovaBook 300 Series, InnovaBook 400 Series, ChemBook 1100, ChemBook 6200D, ChemBook N30W, Clevo 86CE, Clevo 98, Clevo Model 862, Clevo Multimedia Model 98, Chicony 6200, Commodore Featron 6000, Commodore P100, Commax 6200D, Commax NB8600, Compal N30B2, Compal N30W, Compal N32NC, Compal TS30H, Compal TS3013, Compal TS30T, Compal TS30T3, Compal TS30W, ComputerBook 6200T, Consul 98, CTX 893-T-FK, CTX FC2A300, CTX FC2A300A, CTX FC3A300, CTX MegaPro 486, EZBook 330F, EZBook 390T, EZBook 400, EZBook 486, EZBook 500,EZBook 600, EZBook 700, EZBook 800, HiNote VP700 Series, Delcomp Allistra 6200D, DFI 6600 Series, Digibook 1100, Digibook Wizard, Dual Technologies AIO-6200, E-Machines E slate Series, E-Machines 450K, E-Machines 2105, E-Machines M2350, E-Machines M6410, E-Machines M6412, EPS P75, EPS Pentium 120, ActionNote 800, ActionNote 800C/CX, ActionNote 866C, ActionNote 890, ActionNote 890C, ActionNote 895C, ActionNote 900, ActionNote 910C, Everex 3500, Everex ExpressNote 586, Everex StepNotePlus, Evesham Micros Vale VoyagerII, Featron FT6000E, Featron FT8850, Featron FT9900, FIC A420, FIC A430, FIC A440, FIC A450, Fosa 6200D, Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO NB Series(NB 15B, NB15BT), LifeBook C1110, LifeBook C1110D(PM), LifeBook E Series, LifeBook A1010, LifeBook C1020, LifeBook C2010, LifeBook C2110, LifeBookC2111, LifeBook C2210, LifeBook C2220, LifeBook C2230, LifeBook E2010, LifeBook E4010, LifeBook E4010D, LifeBook E7000, LifeBook E7000 series, LifeBook E7010, LifeBook E7110, Amilo A Series, Amilo D1800, Amilo M-7800, Amilo L6820, Solo X5300, Solo 9300, Solo 600YGE, Solo 600YGR, Gateway 400SD4, Gateway 450RGH, Gateway 450ROG, Gateway 450S, Gateway 450SX4, Gateway 450X, Gateway 600YG2, Gateway 600YGR Gateway 6010GZ, Gateway 6510GZ, Gateway 7305GZ, Gateway 7324GZ, Gateway 7325GZ, Gateway 7326GZ, Gateway M360, VisionBook, VisionBook+, VisionBook 133, VisionBook 4000 Series, VisionBook Plus, VisionBook Plus4000, VisionBook Plus4140, Friend 5600, Friend 5750, i-Friend A360, i-Friend A450, i-Friend A550, i-Friend S220, i-Friend HD2300, i-Friend HM2300, IDP 87, IDP 910T, Inca Legend 60, Intergraph 6200AT, Inteva TS30H, Inteva TS30T, Iona 1100, JetBook 9100, Valiant 5000, Valiant 5340AS, Valiant 5350AS, Valiant 6370, Valiant 6370iPT, Valiant 6380iPT, Valiant 6480iPT, Valiant 6481CIPT, Valiant 6530, Valiant 671DP, Valiant 671XH, Kapok 6100, Kapok 6300, Kapok 6400, Kapok 7200, Kapok 7600, Kapok 7800, Avenue MPX710, Lap-Note98, Lap-Note Z200, Lap-Note Z300, DESIGNote 5200 GT, DESIGNote 5600, LG Electronics Tiger One, Lion Electronics 8600T, M Tech30W, Magitronic 550, Magitronic 800, Magitronic 820T, Magitronic 862, Magitronic Multimedia Model 86, Magitronic Pentium 86, Medion MD9326, Micron Millenia Transport XKE, TransPort Trek2, TransPort Trek2 233, TransPort Trek2 226, TransPort Trek2 330 DVD, Micro Express NP 8500, Micro Express NP92DX4, Mint 6200, Mint 6200D, Micro Quest P79, MicroFlex FlexNote, MicroStar 6200D, Midwest Micro TS30SI, Midwest Micro TS30ST, MPC M700, MPC TouchNote 700, Multimedia Notebook 6200AT, Multimedia Notebook 6600, Multimedia Notebook 862, Multimedia Notebook 98, Multimedia Notebook Model 86, LaVie LL Series, LaVie LW Series, LaVie LU Series, LaVie LS Series, LaVie LJ Series, LaVie LF Series, Ready 440T, Versa 2400 Series, Versa 2500 Series, Versa E600, Versa 500, Versa 5000, Versa 5060, Versa 5060X, Versa 5080, Versa 5080X, Versa 550D, Versa Note, Northgate NB86, Nova MultiMedia NoteBook 86, Nova NP8100, Nova NP8320, NTK Submarine, Olivetti Xtreme, Echos 1200L, Echos 910, Echos P100, Echos P100C, Echos P100D, Echos P100E, Echos P12, Echos P120, Echos P120E, Echos P133S, Echos P1400C, Echos P90, Echos Pro, Echos PRo150X, Echos Pro P133, Olympia 386SX, Olympia LT386SX, Outbound 2000, Outboundc 2030, Outbound 2030A, Patriot 800, Patriot 8000, Patriot 860C, Patriot 8890, Patriot 9000 C86, Patriot FT6000A, Philips NB470, Philips NB570, Philips TravelMate570, Pionex N30W, Pionex TS30i, PrimeBook 900, ProScan 862, Prostar 7200, Prostar 86, Quantex 1511-I, Quantex I-1410, Quantex N30W, Quantex T-1401, Quantex T-1410, Quantex T1411, Quantex TS30H, QuantexTS30H-1331, Quantex TS30I, Quantex TS30I3, Quantex TS30T, Quinte k i1401, Sager 6200, Sager 6200D, Sager 7200, Sager 8549 D20, Sager 86, Sager 862, Sager Model 87, Sager 8700, Sager Model 98, Sager NB Series, Sager NP Series, Sager Pentium 86, Sceptre N30W, Sceptre NB30B2, Sceptre SoundX S, Sceptre SoundX S5200T, Sceptre SoundX S5500T, Sceptre TS30H, Sceptre TS30W, Sharp MM Series, Sharp MT Series, Sharp MV Series, Sharp CL1 Series, Sharp CB1 Series, Sharp FS1 Series, Sharp GP1 Series, Sharp PM Series, Sharp MJ Series, Sharp RJ Series Sharp SX Series, Sharp PJ Series, Sharp PC-3010, Sharp PC-3020, Sharp PC-3050, Sharp PC-3060, Sharp PC-3150, LaVie C Series, LaVie L Series, LaVie T Series, LaVie F Series, LaVie J Series, LaVie TB Series, LaVie G Series(Type G, C, L), LaVie Pro LH700/3F, LaVie Pro LH700/2D, LaVie Pro LH300/3F, LaVie Pro LH300/2A, Smart-Tec NX-6000, Smart-Tec NX-6600, Sotec Eagle X, Sotec e-note (M270TRX3, M380TRX4), Sotec WinBook WL Series, Sotec WinBook WV Series,Tagram 822, DreamBook U Series, DreamBook T Series, DreamBook GE Series, Trogon E.3, Trogon Green759, Trogon Green 795, Trogon T.22, Trogon TG-795, Tulip Motionline5/90, Twinhead P88, Twinhead P88T, Twinhead P88TE, SlimNote 910CV, SlimNote 9133TV, SlimNote 9133TZ, SlimNote 9150TZ, SlimNote 9166TZ, SlimNote VX, SlimNote VXE, SlimNote VXE3, ActionBook 300C, ActionBook 530T, Veridata Megapro 486D, Wedge Technologies 6200D, Windrover N30W, Zenith ZDS VersaNote.

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