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Genuine Compaq Presario HP Pavilion 90 Watt AC Adapter - 416421-021

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Product Description

Genuine Compaq Presario HP Pavilion 90 Watt AC Adapter - 416421-021Specifications Dimensions 4.65 x 2.09 x 1.3 in (11.8 x 5.3 x 3.3 cm) Weight 2 lb (900 g) Input Nominal 12 or 24 VDC (10 to 32 VDC) Input Efficiency 83% min at 15 VDC Input DC current 11 A at 10 VDC Output Output power 90W DC output 19.5V Output current limit <11A, Over voltage protection- 29V max automatic shutdown Connector Smart Tip Environmental Design Operating temperature 32 to 95 F (0 to 35 C) Non-operating (storage) temperature -4 to 149 F (-20 to 65 C) Altitude 0 to 10,000 ft (0 to 3,048 m) Humidity 20% to 80% Storage Humidity 10% to 90% EMI and Safety Certifications E-Mark; ACA; Worldwide safety standards EN60950, UL1950, Agency approvals C-UL-US, , NOM-1 NYCE; MTBF over 200,000 hours at 25C ambient condition. Compatible Models:Compaq Presario C700 Notebook PC SeriesFF393PAR, FF393PACompaq Presario C700 Notebook PC SeriesFF410PACompaq Presario C700 Notebook PC SeriesFF411PACompaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC SeriesFR778PA, FR779PA, FR780PA, FR781PAR, FR781PA, FR782PA, FR783PA, FR784PA, FR785PAR, FR785PA, FR786PA, FR787PA, FR788PA, FR789PA, FU663PAR, FU663PA, FU664PA, FU686PA, FU687PA, FU688PA, FW550PA, FW551PA, FW552PA, FW553PA, FW576PAR, FW576PA, FW577PAR, FW577PA, NE562PA, NE620PA, NE621PACompaq Presario CQ40-300 Notebook PC SeriesNJ165PA, NJ166PA, NJ167PA, NJ168PA, NJ169PA, NJ170PA, NJ171PA, NJ172PA, NJ173PA, NJ174PA, NJ175PACompaq Presario CQ50-100 Notebook PC SeriesFQ151ASCompaq Presario CQ60-100 Notebook PC SeriesFS553AS, FY404EA, FY416EA, FY417EA, FY419EAR, FY419EA, FY427EAR, FY427EA, FY959PA, FY960PA, FY961PA, FY962PA, FY963PA, FY964PA, FY965PA, FY966PA, FY967PA, FY968PA, FY969PA, FY970PA, FY971PA, FZ026PA, FZ745PA, FZ755PA, FZ891PA, NA005EAR, NA005EA, NA007EA, NA008EA, NA018EAR, NA018EA, NA019EA, NA024EA, NJ187PA, NJ188PA, NJ189PA, NJ190PACompaq Presario CQ60-200 Notebook PC SeriesNG079EACompaq Presario CQ70-100 Notebook PC SeriesFZ710PA, FZ884PAHP 90-Watt AC Adapter (Notebook)EG410AAR, EG410AAHP AC AdaptersKG298AAHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PCFG996AWR, FG996AW, FG997AWR, FG997AW, FG998AW, FG999AWR, FG999AW, FH001AWR, FH001AW, FH002AW, FH003AA, FJ180PA, FJ181PA, FJ182PA, FJ183PA, FP563PA, FP564PAR, FP564PA, FP565PA, FP566PA, FP567PA, FP568PA, FP587PA, FP588PA, FQ233AWR, FQ233AW, FQ234AWR, FQ234AW, FQ235AW, FR012PAR, FR012PA, FR013PAR, FR013PA, FR014PA, FR015PA, FR016PA, FR017PA, FR018PA, FR019PA, FR051PA, FR052PA, FR053PAR, FR053PA, FR054PA, FR077PA, FS243LA, FS244LA, FS245LA, FS744LA, FS745LA, FS746LA, FS747LA, FV301PA, FV302PA, FV323PA, FV324PA, FV366PA, FW132PA, FW178PA, FX130AA, FY100PA, FY101PA, FZ563UC, FZ565UC, FZ566UC, FZ567UC, FZ568UC, FZ570UC, FZ571UC, FZ572UC, FZ573UC, FZ791UC, FZ792UC, FZ802UC, FZ814UC, FZ816UC, FZ817UC, FZ818UC, FZ991UP, GB974EAR, GB974EA, GB974ETR, GB974ET, GB975EAR, GB975EA, GB975ETR, GB975ET, GB976EAR, GB976EA, GB977EAR, GB977EA, GB978EAR, GB978EA, GB979EAR, GB979EA, GB979ETR, GB979ET, GW688AV, KE821AV, KE822AV, KE825AV, KE826AV, KR978UTR, KR978UT, KR979UTR, KR979UT, KR980UTR, KR980UT, KR981UA, KR982UA, KR983UAR, KR983UA, KR984UAR, KR984UA, KU490ETR, KU490ET, NB536PA, NB537PA, NB538PA, NB584PA, NB586PA, NB587PA, NB588PA, NB589PA, NB606PA, ND177PA, ND178PA, ND179PA, NE152UP, NE793PA, NE803PA, NE822PA, NE823PA, NF161UCHP Compaq 6530s Notebook PCFK205AA, FK206AA, FK207AA, FK208AA, FK209AA, FK212AA, FK216AA, FP633PA, FR008PA, FR009PA, FR032PA, FR033PA, FR034PAR, FR034PA, FR035PA, FR036PA, FR045PA, FR046PA, FR073PA, FR076PA, FR080PA, FR081PA, FS507LA, FS508LA, FV309PA, FV310PA, FV311PA, FV312PA, FV313PAR, FV313PA, FV314PA, FV335PAR, FV335PA, FV357PA, FV358PA, FV359PA, FV364PA, FW102PA, FW106PA, FW107PA, FW122PA, FW130PA, FW131PA, FW133PA, FW155PA, FW160PA, FW166PA, FW168PA, FW175PA, FW177PA, FY188PA, FZ609PA, FZ610PA, FZ611PA, GW692AV, KH274AV, KH277AV, KH278AV, NB539PA, NB540PA, NB547PA, NB614PA, NC314PC, NC315PC, ND150PA, ND197PA, NE794PA, NE795PA, NE797PA, NE805PA, NE813PA, NE819PA, NE820PA, NE834PA, NE835PA, NE861PA, NE867PA, NE869PA, NH265PC, NH349PAHP Compaq 6531s Notebook PCFK210AA, FK211AA, FK213AA, FK214AA, FK215AA, FK217AA, FP629PA, FP630PA, FP631PA, FP632PA, FV329PA, FV330PA, FW167PA, FY113PA, FY128PA, GZ817AV, KH276AV, ND147PA, ND148PA, ND149PA, NE862PA, NE864PA, NH359PAHP Compaq 6535b Notebook PCFM117AA, FM118AA, FM119AA, FM120AA, FM121AA, FM122AA, FM123AA, FM124AA, FM125AA, GW686AV, KF764AV, KF765AV, KF766AV, KF767AV, KF768AV, KR989UTR, KR989UT, KR990UTR, KR990UT, KR991UTR, KR991UTHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PCFH005AWR, FH005AW, FH006AWR, FH006AW, FH007AW, FH008AWR, FH008AW, FH009AWR, FH009AW, FH010AW, FH011AA, FH012AA, FP581PAR, FP581PA, FP582PAR, FP582PA, FP583PAR, FP583PA, FP584PAR, FP584PA, FP585PAR, FP585PA, FP586PAR, FP586PA, FP589PA, FP612PA, FP613PA, FP614PA, FQ230AWR, 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NB253UAR, NB253UA

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