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Genuine HP Pavilion NX6320 DV6 G50 G60 65W Ac Adapter 613152-001

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Genuine NX6320 65W Smart Pin Ac Adapter - 613152-001AC Smart pin slim power adapter (65-watt) - 100-240VAC 1.7A input, 50-60Hz, 18.5VDC 3.5A Compatible Models:NX6320 DV6 HP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AK514US, AK533US, AK539US, AK539USR, AK549US, AK587US, AK597US, AK606US, AK621US, AK625US, AK634US, AK650US, AK655US, AK663US, AK706US, AK712US, AK729US, AK734US, AK751US, AK755US, AK766US, AK768US, AK773US, AK793US, AK794US, AK797US, AK798US, AK807US, AK807USR, AK885US, AK907US, AK924US, AK924USR, AK936US, AK942US, AK942USR, AK956US, AK987US, AK988US, AL003US, AL004US, AL022US, AL046US, AL049US, AL091US, AL121US, AL141US, AL158US, AL260US, AL260USR, AL301US, AL313US, AL316US, AL325US, AL348US, AL352US, AL356US, AL358US, AL359US, AL492US, AL503US, AL503USR, AL518US, AL529US, AL531US, AL532US, AL532USR, AL933US, AL933USR, AL934US, AL945US, AL979US, AM016US, AM023US, AM053US, AM068US, AM140US, AM176US, AM184US, AM194US, AM203US, AM212US, AM541US, AM576US, AM577US, AM613US, AM616US, AM644US, AM659US, AM721US, AM723US, AM753US, AM757USHP 2133 Mini-Note PC AM784USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AM786US, AM786USR, AM800US, AM806US, AM818USHP 2133 Mini-Note PC AM822US, AM822USR, AM823USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AM826US, AM831US, AM923US, AM923USR, AM931US, AM937US, AM940US, AM961US, AM969US, AM974US, AM974USR, AM978US, AN014USHP 2133 Mini-Note PC AN041US, AN041USR, AN042US, AN043USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AN050US, AN062US, AN063US, AN064US, AN065US, AN066US, AN067US, AN078US, AN079US, AN079USR, AN087US, AN093US, AN096US, AN103USHP 2133 Mini-Note PC AN105US, AN106US, AN106USRHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AN119USHP 2133 Mini-Note PC AN143USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AN156US, AN168US, AN176US, AN181US, AN187US, AN200US, AN286USHP 2133 Mini-Note PC AN287US, AN300US, AN300USR, AN301USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AN339US, AN364US, AN379US, AN387US, AN396US, AN409US, AN409USRHP 2133 Mini-Note PC AN423USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AN424US, AN424USR, AN457US, AN459US, AN470US, AN471USHP 2133 Mini-Note PC AN482USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AN513US, AN513USR, AN535US, AN632US, AN635US, AN641US, AN651US, AN656US, AN661US, AN666US, AN668US, AN671US, AN691US, AN697US, AN700US, AN746US, AN746USR, AN751USHP Compaq 2133 C7-M 8.9 120GB 1GB PC AN756US, AN756USRHP Compaq 2133 C7-M 1.2 8.9 120GB 1GB PC AN765USHP Compaq 2133 C7-M 1.2 8.9 120GB 2GB PC AN766USHP Compaq 2133 C7-M 1.6 8.9 120GB 2GB PC AN767US, AN768US, AN768USRHP Compaq 2133 C7-M 1.2 8.9 120GB 2GB PC AN772USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AN778USHP Compaq 2133 8.9 1024/120 PC AN796USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AN797USHP Compaq 2133 8.9 1024/120 PC AN798USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AN820US, AN821US, AN831USHP Compaq 2133 8.9 2048/120 PC AN833USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AN849USHP Compaq 2133 8.9 1024/120 PC AN865US, AN866USHP Compaq 2133 8.9 2048/120 PC AN867USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AN895US, AN897USHP Compaq 2133 8.9 2048/120 PC AN898US, AN908USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AN911US, AP033US, AP033USR, AP047US, AP077US, AP079US, AP094US, AP094USR, AP095US, AP095USR, AP122US, AP127US, AP129US, AP139US, AP158US, AP166US, AP170US, AP176US, AP225US, AP228US, AP245US, AP255US, AP273US, AP284US, AP285US, AP294US, AP331US, AP383USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AP394US, AP394USRHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AP398US, AP439US, AP446US, AP446USR, AP457US, AP484USHP Compaq 2133 8.9 1024/120 PC AP504USHP 2133 Mini-Note PC AP519USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AP521US, AP530US, AP531US, AP534US, AP544US, AP553US, AP563USHP 2133 Mini-Note PC AP565US, AP565USRHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AP572US, AP598US, AP628US, AP645US, AP661US, AP669US, AP675US, AP922US, AP928US, AP956US, AP959USHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AP965USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AP988US, AP988USR, AP997US, AQ005US, AQ005USR, AQ032USHP Compaq 6730s Notebook PC AQ033US, AQ033USRHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AQ044USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ045USHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ049US, AQ049USR, AQ050US, AQ050USRHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AQ084US, AQ088US, AQ088USRHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ106US, AQ106USRHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ107USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AQ120US, AQ141US, AQ146USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ151US, AQ152USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AQ156USCompaq 2230s Notebook PC AQ159US, AQ159USRHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AQ160US, AQ164US, AQ165USHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ169USHP 2133 Mini-Note PC AQ172USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AQ175US, AQ189USHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ195USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AQ208US, AQ381USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ395US, AQ395USRCompaq 6735s Notebook PC AQ398US, AQ399US, AQ400USHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ409US, AQ409USRHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AQ415USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ422US, AQ426USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AQ430USEliteBook 2730p Notebook PC AQ437USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ443USHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ447USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ448USHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ451USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ463US, AQ463USRHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AQ464US, AQ497USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ498US, AQ498USRHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ505US, AQ505USRHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ519US, AQ519USR, AQ520US, AQ521USHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AQ524US, AQ524USR, AQ533USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ561US, AQ561USREliteBook 2730p Notebook PC AQ577US, AQ577USRHP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC AQ587USEliteBook 2730p Notebook PC AQ591US, AQ591USRHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ600USEliteBook 2730p Notebook PC AQ605USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ612US, AQ612USREliteBook 2730p Notebook PC AQ634USHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ637US, AQ637USR, AQ638US, AQ642US, AQ652USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ653US, AQ653USREliteBook 2730p Notebook PC AQ657USHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ660USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ664USHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ671US, AQ672US, AQ675USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ676USEliteBook 2730p Notebook PC AQ761US, AQ778US, AQ779USHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ784USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ786US, AQ786USREliteBook 2730p Notebook PC AQ790USHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ792USEliteBook 2730p Notebook PC AQ793USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ794US, AQ794USR, AQ795USCompaq 6735s Notebook PC AQ800USHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ806USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ816USEliteBook 2730p Notebook PC AQ830US, AQ831USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ839USEliteBook 2730p Notebook PC AQ862US, AQ862USR, AQ864USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ884US, AQ884USRHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ885US, AQ885USRHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ894US, AQ896US, AQ897USEliteBook 2730p Notebook PC AQ899US, AQ900US, AQ903US, AQ903USRHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ924US, AQ925US, AQ926US, AQ927USHP Compaq 6530b Notebook PC AQ928USHP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC AQ929US, AQ930US

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