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HP Compaq Mini 700 PC 30W AC Adapter - PPP018H

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Product Description

HP Compaq Mini 700 PC 30W AC Adapter - PPP018HCord is included496813-001, NA374AA#ABA, PPP018H Features: AC Input: 100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz DC Output: 19V 1.58A 30W Connector: 4.8mm x 1.7mm Compatible Models:Compaq Mini 110c-1000 PC Series VA729UAR, VA729UA, VA732UAR, VA732UA, VA733UAR, VA733UA, VA734UA Compaq Mini 700 PC series FT308EAR, FT308EA, FT309EAR, FT309EA, NF276EA, NF277EAR, NF277EA, NF278EA, NF279EA, NF280EAR, NF280EA, NF281EA, NF283EAR, NF283EA, NF288EAR, NF288EA, NF289EA, NF291EAR, NF291EA, NF293EA, NG621EAR, NG621EA, NG622EAR, NG622EA, NG635EAR, NG635EA, NG638EAR, NG638EA, NG643EAR, NG643EA, NG647EAR, NG647EA, NG649EA, NP770EA, NS518EAR, NS518EA, NS519EA, NS522EA, NT384EA, NU803EA Compaq Mini 730 PC Series NG661EA, NP635EA, NP649EA, NP765EAR, NP765EA, NP775EA, NT385EA HP Mini 1000 PC Series FN819AV, FQ729AAR, FQ729AV, FR832AV, FT313UAR, FT313UA, FT315UAR, FT315UA, FV436AAR, FV436AV, FW376UAR, FW376UA, FY348LA, FZ978UAR, FZ978UA, NB914AV, NC953AS, NC954AS, NE570PAR, NE570PA, NE571PA, NE572PA, NE573PA, NE574PA, NE575PA, NE576PA, NE577PA, NE578PA, NE579PA, NE580PA, NE581PAR, NE581PA, NE582PA, NE585PA, NE590PA, NE594PA, NG837LA, NJ209LA, NJ683AAR, NJ683AV, NL100PA, NL101PA, NP763AV, NQ149PA, NQ150PA, NQ155PA, NQ332LA HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition PC Series NG624EAR, NG624EA, NG625EAR, NG625EA, NG626EAR, NG626EA, NG627EAR, NG627EA, NG628EAR, NG628EA, NG630EAR, NG630EA, NG631EA, NG632EAR, NG632EA, NG633EAR, NG633EA, NG634EAR, NG634EA, NG640EA, NG641EA, NG644EA, NG645EA, NG646EA, NG652EA, NL037PAR, NL037PA, NL038PA, NL039PA HP Mini 110-1000 PC Series NW110AV, VA678PA, VA679PA, VA680PA, VA714UAR, VA714UA, VA715UAR, VA715UA, VA716UAR, VA716UA, VA719UA, VA722UAR, VA722UA, VA723UAR, VA723UA, VA726UAR, VA726UA, VA727UA, VA728UA, VB661PA, VB674PA, VB696PA, VB697PA, VB698PA, VB699PA, VB700PA, VB701PA, VB702PA, VB703PA, VD068UAR, VD068UA, VD069UAR, VD069UA, VD433LA, VD434LA, VF032PA, VF033PA, VF034PA, VF035PA, VF041PA, VF071PA, VF072PA, VF073PA, VF074PA, VF075PA, VF076PA, VF077PA, VF078PA, VF079PA, VF080PA, VF081PA, VF082PA, VF084PA, VF085PA, VF086PA, VF087PA, VF088PA, VF089PA, VF090PA, VF091PA, VF092PA, VF093PA, VF094PA, VF095PA, VF539LA, VF540LA, VF541LA, VF771UAR, VF771UA, VF772UA, VF773UA, VF774UA, VF775UAR, VF775UA, VG466PA, VG467PA, VG468PA, VG469PA, VG507PA, VG823LA, VH177UA, VH179UA, VH181UA, VH917PA, VJ659UA, VJ924PA, VJ925PA, VJ928PA, VJ933PA, VJ940PA, VJ941PA, VJ942PA, VJ943PA HP Mini 1100 PC Series (Commercial) KS167UA, KS167UT, KS168UA, KS168UT, KS170UA, KS170UT HP Mini 1100 PC Series NB133UAR, NB133UA, NB135UAR, NB135UA, NB142UAR, NB142UA, NK348AAR, NK348AV, NM119UAR, NM119UA, NM121UAR, NM121UA, NM122UAR, NM122UA, NM123UAR, NM123UA, NM124UAR, NM124UA, NM125UAR, NM125UA, NM126UAR, NM126UA, NM127UAR, NM127UA, NM128UAR, NM128UA, NN099AV, NN101AV, NP764AV, NQ159PA, NQ160PA, NQ161PA, NQ162PAR, NQ162PA, NQ163PA, NQ164PA, NQ177PA, NQ178PA, NQ202PAR, NQ202PA, NQ203PAR, NQ203PA, NQ205PA, NQ206PA, NQ207PA, NQ208PA, NQ209PA, NQ211PA, NQ212PA, NQ214PA, NR200AS, NS187LA, NS188LA, NT676PAR, NT676PA, NT709PA, NT710PA, NT756PA, NT757PA, NT762PA, NU340LA, NU654LA, NU665LA, NW969PA, NY188UAR, NY188UA, NY189UAR, NY189UA, NZ187LA HP Mini 1100 Vivienne Tam Edition PC Series NB134UAR, NB134UA, NB137UAR, NB137UA, NK350AAR, NK350AV, NN100AV, NP767EA, NQ204PA, NQ210PA, NQ213PA, NS527EAR, NS527EA, NS528EAR, NS528EA, NS529EA, NT381EA, NT382EAR, NT382EA, NT383EAR, NT383EA, NT386EAR, NT386EA, NT387EAR, NT387EA, NT389EA, NT392EAR, NT392EA, NT393EA, NT396EA, NT397EA HP Mini 1101 Notebook PC FM906UA, FM906UT, FM907UA, FM907UT, FM908UA, FM908UT, FM911UA HP Mini 30W AC Adapter NA374AA

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