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HP G71-329WM WLAN HF minicard 518436-001

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HP G71-329WM WLAN HF minicard 518436-001 802.11B/G/N WLAN HF minicardCompatible Models:HP Mini 2102 Notebook PC BN185US, BP631US, BS761US, BT246US, BW196US, BW550US, BW630US, BW703US, BX230US, BX258USHP Pavilion dv6z-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook NB649AV, NB650AV, NB651AVHP Pavilion dv2z-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook P NL174AVHP ICTO FF+ Ath MV40 Base NB PC NL175AVHP Pavilion dv6-1108ca Entertainment Notebook PC NM206UA, NM206UARHP Pavilion dv6-1148ca Entertainment Notebook PC NM207UA, NM207UARHP Pavilion dv6z-2000 CTO Entertainment Notebook NS876AV, NS877AV, NS878AVHP Pavilion dv6z-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook P NT592AV, NT593AV, NT594AVHP Pavilion dv3-2155mx Entertainment Notebook PC NV149UA, NV149UARHP Pavilion dv2z-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook P NY100AV, NY101AV, NY103AVHP G60t-500 CTO Notebook PC VD895AV, VD896AVHP G71t-300 CTO Notebook PC VF671AV, VF673AVHP Mini 210-1000 CTO PC VH211AVHP Pavilion dm3t-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook VK581AVHP Pavilion dm3t-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook P VK583AV, VK587AV, VK589AV, VK591AVHP Pavilion dm3z-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook P VL342AV, VL350AVHP Pavilion dm3t-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook VL351AVHP Pavilion dm3z-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook P VL358AV, VL359AVHP Pavilion dm3-1030wm Entertainment Notebook PC VM076UA, VM076UARHP G60-519WM Notebook PC VM083UA, VM083UARHP G60-535DX Notebook PC VM085UA, VM085UARHP G60-501NR Notebook PC VM091UA, VM091UARHP G60-506US Notebook PC VM092UA, VM092UARHP G60-508US Notebook PC VM093UA, VM093UARHP G60-531NR Notebook PC VM095UA, VM095UARHP G60-536NR Notebook PC VM096UA, VM096UARCompaq Presario CQ60-514NR Notebook PC VM101UA, VM101UARHP G71-329WM Notebook PC VM113UA, VM113UARHP Pavilion dv7-3060us Entertainment Notebook PC VM237UA, VM237UARHP Pavilion dv7-3065dx Entertainment Notebook PC VM238UA, VM238UARHP Pavilion dv7-3028ca Entertainment Notebook PC VM246UA, VM246UARHP Pavilion dv6-2020ca Entertainment Notebook PC VM278UA, VM278UARHP Pavilion dv6-2144nr Entertainment Notebook PC VM286UA, VM286UARHP Pavilion dv4-2045dx Entertainment Notebook PC VM298UA, VM298UARHP Pavilion dv4-2020ca Entertainment Notebook PC VM299UA, VM299UARHP Pavilion dv4-2041nr Entertainment Notebook PC VM303UA, VM303UARHP G61-320US Notebook PC VM352UA, VM352UARHP G61-320CA Notebook PC VM354UA, VM354UARHP G61-511WM NOTEBOOK PC VM355UA, VM355UARHP G61-329CA Notebook PC VM360UA, VM360UARCompaq Presario CQ61-310US Notebook PC VM362UA, VM362UARCompaq Presario CQ61-320CA Notebook PC VM363UA, VM363UARCompaq Presario CQ61-324CA Notebook PC VM365UA, VM365UARCompaq Presario CQ61-313US Notebook PC VM367UA, VM367UARCompaq Presario CQ61-313NR Notebook PC VM370UA, VM370UARCompaq Presario CQ61-319WM Notebook PC VM371UA, VM371UARHP G60t-500 CTO Notebook PC VM692AVHP Pavilion dv4i-2100 CTO Entertainment Notebook P VN673AV, VP017AV, VP018AVHP Pavilion dm3z-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook VP143AV, VP147AV, VP148AV, VP153AV, VP154AVHP Pavilion dv4t-1600 CTO Entertainment Notebook VP179AV, VP180AV, VP181AV, VP188AV, VP189AV, VP190AVHP Pavilion dm3t-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook VP207AV, VP208AV, VP209AV, VP210AV, VP211AVHP Pavilion dm3-1053xx Entertainment Notebook PC VP447ASHP Mini 311-1100 CTO PC VQ766AV, VQ767AVHP G71t-400 CTO Notebook PC VR340AV, VR342AV, VR348AVHP G71t-300 CTO Notebook PC VR444AVHP G71t-400 CTO Notebook PC VR445AV, VR448AVHP Pavilion dm3z-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook VR456AVHP Pavilion dv4t-1600 CTO Entertainment Notebook VR498AVHP G71-343US Notebook PC VR757UA, VR757UARHP G71-333NR Notebook PC VR758UA, VR758UARHP G71-339CA Notebook PC VR759UA, VR759UARHP Pavilion dm3t-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook VR921AVHP Mini 210-1000 CTO PC VS143AVCompaq Presario CQ61z-300 CTO Notebook PC VU087AV, VU088AV, VU089AVHP G61-306NR Notebook PC VU133UA, VU133UARHP G61-321NR Notebook PC VU135UAHP Pavilion dv7-3061nr Entertainment Notebook PC VU149UA, VU149UARHP G61-336NR Notebook PC VU181UA, VU181UARHP G61-300CA Notebook PC VU182UA, VU182UARHP G61-322NR Notebook PC VU183UA, VU183UARHP G61-304NR Notebook PC VU185UA, VU185UARHP G60-526NR Notebook PC VU190UA, VU190UARHP G60-531CA Notebook PC VU191UA, VU191UARCompaq Presario CQ61Z-400 CTO Notebook PC VU200AV, VU201AV, VU202AVHP Pavilion dv4t-1600 CTO Entertainment Notebook VU392AV, VU393AV, VU394AVHP G60t-600 CTO Notebook PC VU742AV, VU743AV, VU744AV, VU748AVHP Mini 311-1100 CTO PC VU910AVHP Mini 210-1000 CTO PC VV074AVHP G60-538CA Notebook PC VV584UA, VV584UARHP G60-552NR Notebook PC VV588UA, VV588UARHP Pavilion dv4-2049us Entertainment Notebook PC VV662UA, VV662UAR802.11BGN ME+B MOW WLAN Card VV802AVHP G71-349WM Notebook PC VW875UA, VW875UARHP Pavilion dv6-2066dx Entertainment Notebook PC VW881UA, VW881UARHP Pavilion dv6-2088dx Entertainment Notebook PC VW882UA, VW882UARHP Pavilion dv6-2044dx Entertainment Notebook PC VW883UAHP G60-513NR Notebook PC VW886UA, VW886UARHP G60-507DX Notebook PC VW889UA, VW889UARHP Mini 210-1000 CTO PC VW994AV, VW996AVCompaq Presario CQ61Z-400 CTO Notebook PC VX565AVHP G60-549DX Notebook PC VY794UA, VY794UARCompaq Mini CQ10-100 CTO PC VZ341AV, WA268AVHP Mini 210-1070NR PC WA545UA, WA545UARHP Mini 210-1080NR PC WA546UA, WA546UARHP Mini 210-1090NR PC WA550UA, WA550UARHP Pavilion dm3-1130us Entertainment Notebook PC WA563UA, WA563UARHP Pavilion dm3-1124ca Entertainment Notebook PC WA567UA, WA567UARHP Pavilion dm3-1131nr Entertainment Notebook PC WA569UA, WA569UARHP G60-630US Notebook PC WA573UA, WA573UARHP G60-635DX Notebook PC WA574UA, WA574UARHP G60-633CL Notebook PC WA575UA, WA575UARHP G60-630CA Notebook PC WA576UA, WA576UARHP G60-634CA Notebook PC WA577UA, WA577UARHP G60-657CA Notebook PC WA578UA, WA578UARHP G60-610CA Notebook PC WA580UA, WA580UARHP G60-619CA Notebook PC WA581UA, WA581UARHP G60-633NR Notebook PC WA582UA, WA582UARHP G60-637CL Notebook PC WA584UA, WA584UARCompaq Presario CQ60-615DX Notebook PC WA588UA, WA588UARCompaq Presario CQ60-422DX Notebook PC WA591UA, WA591UARCompaq Presario CQ60-423DX Notebook PC WA592UA, WA592UARHP G71-430CA Notebook PC WA604UA, WA604UARHP G71-441NR Notebook PC WA605UA, WA605UARHP G71-449WM Notebook PC WA606UA, WA606UARHP G71-437CA Notebook PC WA607UA, WA607UARHP G71-442NR Notebook PC WA609UA, WA609UARHP G71-445US Notebook PC WA611UA, WA611UARHP G71-447US Notebook PC WA615UA, WA615UARHP Pavilion dv4-2160us Entertainment Notebook PC WA683UA, WA683UARHP Pavilion dv4-2165dx Entertainment Notebook PC WA684UA, WA684UARHP Pavilion dv4-2155dx Entertainment Notebook PC WA685UA, WA685UARHP Pavilion dv4-2153cl Entertainment Notebook PC WA686UA, WA686UARHP Pavilion dv4-2167sb Entertainment Notebook PC WA688UA, WA688UARHP Pavilion dv4-2154ca Entertainment Notebook PC WA689UA, WA689UARHP Pavilion dv4-2161nr Entertainment Notebook PC WA691UA, WA691UARHP Pavilion dv4-2162nr Entertainment Notebook PC WA692UA, WA692UARHP Pavilion dv4-2170us Entertainment Notebook PC WA693UA, WA693UARHP Pavilion dm3-1140us Entertainment Notebook PC WA733UA, WA733UARHP Pavilion dm3-1130ca Entertainment Notebook PC WA736UA, WA736UARHP Pavilion dv7-3160us Entertainment Notebook PC WA793UA, WA793UARHP Pavilion dv7-3165dx Entertainment Notebook PC WA794UA, WA794UARHP Pavilion dv7-3128ca Entertainment Notebook PC WA799UA, WA799UARHP Pavilion dv7-3148ca Entertainment Notebook PC WA800UA, WA800UARHP Pavilion dv7-3162nr Entertainment Notebook PC WA801UA, WA801UARHP Pavilion dv7-3183nr Entertainment Notebook PC WA802UA, WA802UARHP Pavilion dv7-3171nr Entertainment Notebook PC WA804UA, WA804UARHP Pavilion dv7-3166nr Entertainment Notebook PC WA807UA, WA807UARHP Pavilion dv6-2180us Entertainment Notebook PC WA863UA, WA863UARHP Pavilion dv6-2120ca Entertainment Notebook PC WA866UA, WA866UARHP Pavilion dv6-2140ca Entertainment Notebook PC WA867UA, WA867UARHP Pavilion dv6-2128ca Entertainment Notebook PC WA869UA, WA869UARHP Pavilion dv6-2140ca Entertainment Notebook PC WA870UA, WA870UARHP Pavilion dv6-2164ca Entertainment Notebook PC WA871UA, WA871UARHP Pavilion dv6-2181nr Entertainment Notebook PC WA872UA, WA872UARHP Pavilion dv6-2182nr Entertainment Notebook PC WA873UA, WA873UARHP Pavilion dv6-2157us Entertainment Notebook PC WA874UA, WA874UARHP Pavilion dv6-2158nr Entertainment Notebook PC WA875UA, WA875UARHP Pavilion dv4-2140us Entertainment Notebook PC WA888UA, WA888UARHP Pavilion dv4-2145dx Entertainment Notebook PC WA889UA, WA889UARHP Pavilion dv4-2120ca Entertainment Notebook PC WA891UA, WA891UARHP Pavilion dv4-2148ca Entertainment Notebook PC WA892UA, WA892UARHP Pavilion dv4-2141nr Entertainment Notebook PC WA893UA, WA893UARHP Pavilion dv4-2142nr Entertainment Notebook PC WA894UA, WA894UARHP G61-429WM Notebook PC WA961UA, WA961UARHP G61-400CA Notebook PC WA964UA, WA964UARHP G61-420CA Notebook PC WA965UA, WA965UARHP G61-408CA Notebook PC WA966UA, WA966UARHP G61-423CA Notebook PC WA967UA, WA967UARHP G61-428CA Notebook PC WA968UA, WA968UARHP G61-632NR NB PC ALL WA969UA, WA969UARHP G61-631NR Notebook PC WA970UA, WA970UARHP G61-448CA Notebook PC WA971UA, WA971UARCompaq Presario CQ61-410US Notebook PC WA974UA, WA974UARCompaq Presario CQ61-420US Notebook PC WA976UA, WA976UARCompaq Presario CQ61-407CA Notebook PC WA978UA, WA978UARCompaq Presario CQ61-411WM Notebook PC WA980UA, WA980UARCompaq Presario CQ61-414NR Notebook PC WA981UA, WA981UARCompaq Presario CQ61-412NR Notebook PC WA982UA, WA982UARCompaq Presario CQ61-429US Notebook PC WA985UA, WA985UARCompaq Mini CQ10-100 CTO PC WD180AVHP Mini 210-1032CL PC WD263UA, WD263UARHP Mini 210-1070CA PC WD267UA, WD267UARHP Mini 210-1075CA PC WD268UA, WD268UARHP Mini 210-1080CA PC WD269UA, WD269UARHP Mini 210-1090CA PC WD270UA, WD270UARHP Mini 2102 Notebook PC WD987AVHP G60-553NR Notebook PC WE814UA, WE814UARHP Mini 210-1083CA PC WE820UA, WE820UARHP Mini 210-1050NR PC WE823UA, WE823UARHP Mini 2102 Notebook PC WF317AA, WF318AA, WF319AA, WH238UT, WH238UTR, WH239UT, WH239UTR, WH240UA, WH240UAR, WH241UA, WH241UAR, WH242UA, WH242UARCompaq Mini 102 WH243UT, WH244UT, WH245UA, WH246UAHP Mini 2102 Notebook PC WH328UT, WH328UTRHP Mini 210-1077CA PC WH683UA, WH683UARHP Mini 210-1084NR PC WH684UA, WH684UARHP Mini 210-1077NR PC WH685UA, WH685UARHP Mini 210-1084NR PC WH686UA, WH686UARHP Mini 210-1097NR PC WH859UA, WH859UARHP Mini 210-1057NR PC WH860UA, WH860UAR

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