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HP Mini Compaq AC Adapter 40W PA-1400-18HB WE449AA 624502-001

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Product Description

HP Mini Compaq AC Adapter 40W  PA-1400-18HB WE449AA 624502-001


HSTNN-CA18 624502-001 HSTNN-CA18 580402-002, 584540-001, 622435-001, 622435-002, 622435-003, 624502-001, WE449AA#ABA, WE449AA#ABL, NSW24468, HSTNN-LA18, PA-1400-18H2

19.5V - 2.05A


Compatible Models:


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HP Compaq Mini 210-1000 Vivienne Tam Series  
HP Compaq Mini 210-1000VT CTO, 210-1098SE, 210-1099EC, 210-1099ES, 210-1099ea, 210-1099ee, 210-1099ef, 210-1099eg, 210-1099ei, 210-1099el, 210-1099em, 210-1099eo, 210-1099ev, 210-1099ez, 210-1103TU, 210-1111TU, 210-1122TU, 210-1123TU, 210-1126TU, 210-1127TU, 210-1128TU, 210-1129TU, 210-1130TU, 210-1131TU, 210-1000VT CTO Vivienne Tam Edition, 210-1012VU Vivienne Tam Edition, 210-1023VU Vivienne Tam Edition, 210-1024VU Vivienne Tam Edition, 210-1098SE Vivienne Tam Edition, 210-1099SE Vivienne Tam Edition

HP Compaq ProBook 6400 Series  
HP Compaq ProBook 6445b, 6440b, 6450b, 6455b, 6460b, 6465b, 6470b, 6475b

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