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HP Pavilion DM3T-1100 Broadcom WLAN module 582564-001

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HP Pavilion DM3T-1100 Broadcom WLAN module 582564-001Broadcom 43224 802.11 a/g/n WLAN moduleCompatible Models:HP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AV685US, AV685USR, AW317US, AW755US, AW768US, AW916US, AW997US, AW997USR, AY198US, AY198USR, AY990US, BJ848USHP ProBook 5310m Notebook PC BJ907US, BK965US, BL336US, BM555USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC BM619USHP ProBook 5310m Notebook PC BN011USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC BN112USHP Mini 2102 Notebook PC BN185US, BP631USHP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC BQ209US, BQ562US, BQ716US, BQ760USHP EliteBook 8740w Mobile Workstation BQ764USHP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC BQ776US, BQ802US, BQ803US, BQ805US, BQ826US, BQ828US, BQ943US, BQ944USHP EliteBook 8740w Mobile Workstation BQ954USHP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC BQ955US, BQ958US, BQ959USHP EliteBook 8740w Mobile Workstation BQ963USHP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC BQ973US, BQ979US, BQ983US, BR008US, BR010US, BR032US, BR033US, BR044US, BR080US, BR080USR, BR129US, BR134US, BR137US, BR195US, BS262US, BS271USHP ProBook 4320s Notebook PC BS274USHP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC BS275US, BS297US, BS308US, BS309USHP ProBook 4320s Notebook PC BS391USHP Mini 2102 Notebook PC BS761US, BT246USHP ProBook 6550b Notebook PC BT249US, BT250US, BT267US, BU521US, BU586USHP ProBook 6555b Notebook PC BU641US, BU684USHP ProBook 6550b Notebook PC BU685US, BU686USHP ProBook 6555b Notebook PC BU689USHP ProBook 6550b Notebook PC BU719US, BU722US, BU724USHP ProBook 6555b Notebook PC BU728USHP ProBook 6455b Notebook PC BU729USHP ProBook 6450b Notebook PC BU738USHP ProBook 6455b Notebook PC BU751USHP ProBook 6555b Notebook PC BU753USHP ProBook 6550b Notebook PC BU755USHP Mini 2102 Notebook PC BW196US, BW550US, BW630US, BW703US, BX230US, BX258USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC FM850UT, FM850UTR, FM851UT, FM851UTRHP ProBook 5310m Notebook PC FM996UT, FM996UTR, FM997UT, FM997UTR, FM998UT, FM998UTR, FN064UA, FN065UA, FN082UTHP ProBook 4710s Base Model Notebook PC FV889AV, FV889AVRHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC NX420EA, NX420EAR, NX421EA, NX421EAR, NX422EA, NX422EAR, NX423EA, NX423EAR, NX424EA, NX424EAR, NX425EA, NX425EAR, NX426EA, NX426EAR, NX427EA, NX427EAR, NX436EA, NX437EA, NX437EAR, NX438EA, NX438EAR, NX439EA, NX439EAR, NX442EA, NX442EAR, NX443EA, NX443EAR, NX444EA, NX445EA, NX445EAR, NX588EA, NX589EA, NX590EA, NX590EAR, NX591EA, NX591EAR, NX592EA, NX593EA, NX593EAR, NX601EA, NX602EA, NX602EAR, NX603EA, NX603EAR, NX610EA, NX611EA, NX611EAR, NX612EA, NX612EAR, NX627EA, NX627EAR, NX628EA, NX628EAR, NX629EA, NX629EAR, NX630EA, NX630EAR, NX631EA, NX631EAR, NX646ES, NX646ESR, NZ685AA, NZ686AA, NZ687AA, NZ688AA, NZ688AAR, SF888UP, SG661UPHP ProBook 5310m Notebook PC SH565UP, SH569UP, SH596UPHP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC SH910UP, SH927UC, SJ110UP, SJ161UC, SJ206UP, SJ252UP, SJ256UP, SJ308UP, SJ347UC, SJ358UC, SJ376UPHP ProBook 4320s Notebook PC SJ399UCHP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC SJ463UP, SJ488UPHP ProBook 4320s Notebook PC SJ509UC, SJ513UCHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC VA034PA, VA034PAR, VA040PA, VA040PAR, VA076PA, VA093PA, VA093PAR, VB509LA, VB509LAR, VB510LAHP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC VB715AVHP EliteBook 8740w Mobile Workstation VB744AVHP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC VB841AV, VB842AV, VB842AVR, VB843AV, VB844AV, VB845AV, VB846AVHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC VC148EA, VC150EA, VC150EAR, VC167ES, VC182EA, VC189EA, VC318EA, VC321EA, VC321EAR, VC322EA, VC322EAR, VC323EA, VC324EA, VC324EAR, VC435EA, VC435EAR, VC436EA, VC436EAR, VC437EA, VC437EAR, VC438EA, VC438EAR, VC439EA, VC439EAR, VC440EA, VC440EAR, VC441EA, VC441EAR, VD585PA, VD586PA, VD587PA, VD588PA, VD589PA, VD590PA, VD612PA, VD613PA, VD614PAHP ProBook 4320s Notebook PC VE610AV, VE611AVHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC VF905PAHP EliteBook 8740w Mobile Workstation VG305AV, VG307AV, VG310AVHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC VH421PA, VH421PAR, VH451PA, VH451PAR, VH464PA, VH464PAR, VH781LAHP ProBook 4710s Base Model Notebook PC VK116AVHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC VK232PAHP ProBook 4420s Notebook PC VM118AVHP ProBook 4421s Notebook PC VM119AVHP Pavilion dv6-2044ca Entertainment Notebook PC VM279UA, VM279UARHP Pavilion dv6-2043ca Entertainment Notebook PC VM281UA, VM281UARHP Pavilion dv6-2028ca Entertainment Notebook PC VM282UA, VM282UARHP Pavilion dv6-2057cl Entertainment Notebook PC VM284UA, VM284UARHP Pavilion dv6-2043us Entertainment Notebook PC VM285UA, VM285UARHP ProBook 5310m Notebook PC VP069AA, VP070AA, VP071AA, VP072AA, VP073AA, VQ084PA, VQ084PAR, VQ087PA, VQ088PA, VQ089PA, VQ097PA, VQ097PAR, VQ098PAHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC VQ104PAHP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC VQ306EPHP EliteBook 8740w Mobile Workstation VQ308EPHP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC VQ329EP, VQ335EPHP ProBook 5310m Notebook PC VQ464EA, VQ464EAR, VQ465EA, VQ466EA, VQ466EAR, VQ467EA, VQ468EA, VQ468EAR, VQ468ET, VQ468ETR, VQ469EA, VQ469EAR, VQ469ET, VQ469ETR, VQ470EA, VQ470EAR, VQ470ET, VQ470ETR, VQ471EA, VQ471EAR, VQ472EA, VQ473EA, VQ474EA, VQ474EARHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC VQ486EA, VQ486EAR, VQ489EA, VQ489EAR, VQ490EA, VQ490EAR, VQ494EA, VQ494EAR, 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