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HP Pavilion DV6Z AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core processor 507974-001

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HP Pavilion DV6Z AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core processor 507974-001AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core ZM-86 mobile processor - 2.4GHz (Puma, 3600MHz front side bus, 2MB total Level-2 cache, 65nm SOI, 35W TDP, Socket S1)Compatible Models: Compaq 6735s Notebook PC AQ398US, AQ399US, AQ400US, AQ800US, AR190US, AR190USR, AR224US, AR278US, AR349US, AR349USR, AR350US, AR350USR, AR401US, AR654US, AR655US, AR827US, AR828US, AR829US, AR841US, AS160US, AT362US, AT386US, AT645US, AT729US, AU064US, AU358US, AV527US, AV528US, AV670USHP ProBook 4515s Notebook PC FG213EC, FG236ECHP Pavilion dv7z-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook FH644AVHP Pavilion dv5z-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook FH645AVHP Pavilion dv3z-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook FJ684AVHP Pavilion dv5z-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook FJ776AV, FJ777AVHP Pavilion dv5z-1200 CTO Entertainment Notebook FJ784AV, FJ786AV, FJ793AV, FJ795AVHP Pavilion dv4z-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook FJ805AVHP Pavilion dv4z-1200 CTO Entertainment Notebook FJ807AV, FJ808AV, FJ810AV, FJ811AVHP Pavilion dv7z-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook FM723AV, FM724AV, FM725AVCompaq 6735s Notebook PC FM841UT, FM841UTRCompaq 6535s Notebook PC FP646PA, FP647PAHP Pavilion dv5z-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook FQ757AVCompaq 6735s Notebook PC FQ802AA, FQ803AA, FQ804AA, FQ805AA, FQ806AA, FQ806AARCompaq 6535s Notebook PC FQ807AA, FQ808AA, FQ809AA, FQ810AA, FQ811AA, FQ990PACompaq 6735s Notebook PC FR063PA, FR063PARHP TouchSmart tx2z-1000 CTO Notebook PC FR171AVCompaq 6735s Notebook PC FS390LA, FS391LA, FS392LA, FS621LA, FS622LA, FU309EA, FU309EAR, FU309ET, FU309ETR, FU310EA, FU310EAR, FU331EA, FU331EAR, FU360ES, FU360ESR, FU368ES, FU368ESR, FU371ES, FU371ESR, FU372ES, FU372ESR, FU373ES, FU373ESR, FU374ES, FU374ESR, FU423ET, FU423ETR, FU424ET, FU424ETR, FU428ES, FU428ESR, FU449ES, FU449ESR, FU475ES, FU475ESR, FU485ES, FU485ESR, FU494ES, FU494ESR, FU501ES, FU515ES, FU518ES, FU518ESR, FU519ES, FU519ESR, FU542ES, FU553EA, FU553EAR, FU554EA, FU554EAR, FU555EA, FU555EAR, FU556EA, FU556EAR, FU557EA, FU557EAR, FU600ES, FU601ES, FU601ESR, FU602ES, FU602ESR, FV306PA, FV306PAR, FV315PA, FV316PACompaq 6535s Notebook PC FV317PA, FV317PAR, FV318PAHP Pavilion dv5z-1200 CTO Entertainment Notebook FV493AV, FV496AVCompaq 6535s Notebook PC FW173PA, FW173PARHP ProBook 4415s Notebook PC FX271AVHP ProBook 4515s Notebook PC FX272AVCompaq 6535s Notebook PC FY185PA, FY186PA, FY187PACompaq 6735s Notebook PC FY702LACompaq Presario CQ60Z-200 CTO Notebook PC FZ531AV, FZ532AV, FZ534AVCompaq 6535s Notebook PC FZ667PA, FZ685PA, FZ686PA, GW693AVCompaq 6735s Notebook PC GW694AVHP Pavilion tx2500z CTO Entertainment Notebook PC KD436AV, KD480AVHP Pavilion dv7z-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook P KQ003AVCompaq 6735s Notebook PC KS042UT, KS043UT, KS044UT, KS088UT, KS088UTR, KS115UT, KS116UA, KS117UT, KS118UT, KS119UA, KS120UT, KS176UT, KS177UT, KS177UTRHP Pavilion dv5z-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook KS875AV, KS876AV, KS878AVHP Pavilion dv7z-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook P KT072AV, KT073AVCompaq 6735s Notebook PC KU218EA, KU218EAR, KU219EA, KU219EAR, KU219ET, KU219ETR, KU220EA, KU220EAR, KU220ET, KU220ETR, KU221EA, KU221EAR, KU221ET, KU221ETR, KU222EA, KU222EAR, KU223EA, KU223EAR, KU224ET, KU224ETR, KU446ET, KU446ETR, KU449EAHP Pavilion dv5z-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook NA425AV, NA426AVCompaq 6735s Notebook PC NA737ES, NA737ESR, NA738ES, NA738ESR, NA761ES, NA761ESR, NA777ES, NA777ESR, NA812ES, NA812ESR, NA816ES, NA816ESR, NA821ES, NA821ESR, NA822ES, NA822ESR, NA848ES, NA848ESR, NA849ES, NA849ESR, NA853ES, NA853ESR, NA884ES, NA884ESR, NA887ES, NA890ES, NA890ESR, NA891ES, NA891ESR, NA892ES, NA893ES, NA893ESR, NA894ES, NA895ES, NA895ESR, NA896ES, NA896ESR, NA897ES, NA897ESR, NA945EA, NA945EAR, NA946EA, NA946EAR, NA946ET, NA946ETR, NA956ET, NA956ETR, NA982ES, NA985ES, NA985ESR, NA987ES, NA987ESR, NB581PACompaq 6535s Notebook PC NB603PA, NB604PA, NB605PAHP Pavilion dv6z-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook NB649AV, NB650AV, NB651AVCompaq 6735s Notebook PC NB851UP, NB851UPR, NF624LAHP Pavilion dv5-1235ee Entertainment Notebook PC NG225EA, NG225EARCompaq 6735s Notebook PC NG802LA, NH320LA, NH321LACompaq 6535s Notebook PC NH360PA, NH360PAR, NH361PA, NH362PA, NH363PACompaq 6735s Notebook PC NH364PA, NH365PACompaq 6535s Notebook PC NH428PA, NH429PAHP TouchSmart tx2-1051xx Notebook PC NH459ASHP ProBook 4515s Notebook PC NJ245AVHP ProBook 4416s Notebook PC NJ246AVHP TouchSmart tx2-1099eg Notebook PC NJ435EA, NJ435EARCompaq 6735s Notebook PC NJ700LA, NJ845LAHP ProBook 4515s Notebook PC NK428AV, NK429AVCompaq 6735s Notebook PC NL153LA, NL441PA, NL441PAR, NN283ES, NN300ESHP ProBook 4515s Notebook PC NN319EA, NN319EAR, NN320EA, NN320EAR, NN321EA, NN321EAR, NN322EA, NN322EARCompaq 6735s Notebook PC NN346ES, NN346ESR, NN347ES, NN347ESR, NN349ES, NN349ESR, NN399ES, NN431ES, NN431ESR, NN441ES, NN468ES, NN468ESR, NN469ES, NN472ES, NN472ESR, NN473ES, NN473ESR, NN480ES, NN480ESRCompaq 6535s Notebook PC NN833PA, NN834PA, NN834PAR, NN865PACompaq 6735s Notebook PC NN866PACompaq 6535s Notebook PC NR299PA, NR300PACompaq 6735s Notebook PC NS183LA, NS185LA, NS186LACompaq 6535s Notebook PC NT267PA, NT268PACompaq 6735s Notebook PC NT274PACompaq 6535s Notebook PC NT320PACompaq 6735s Notebook PC NT321PACompaq 6535s Notebook PC NT334PA, NT336PA, NT337PA, NT338PA, NT339PAHP Pavilion dv6z-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook P NT592AV, NT593AV, NT594AVHP Pavilion dv6-1051xx Entertainment Notebook NU095ASCompaq 6735s Notebook PC NV932PA, NV932PAR, NV939PACompaq 6535s Notebook PC NV940PA, NV959PAHP ProBook 4515s Notebook PC NX460EA, NX460EAR, NX461EA, NX461EAR, NX462EA, NX462EAR, NX463EA, NX463EAR, NX464EA, NX465EA, NX465EAR, NX466EA, NX466EAR, NX467EA, NX468EA, NX469EA, NX470EA, NX471EA, NX472EA, NX472EAR, NX473EA, NX473EAR, NX474EA, NX475EA, NX476EA, NX476EAR, NX477EA, NX477EAR, NX478EA, NX478EAR, NX479EA, NX479EAR, NX480EA, NX480EAR, NX481EA, NX481EAR, NX482EA, NX482EAR, NX483EA, NX483EAR, NX484EA, NX485EA, NX486EA, NX487EA, NX487EAR, NX488EA, NX489EA, NX489EAR, NX490EA, NX491EA, NX492EA, NX492EAR, NX493EA

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