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HP Pavilion DV7 DV6t Intel Pentium Dual-Core Mobile processor 513599-001

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HP Pavilion DV7 DV6t Intel Pentium Dual-Core Mobile processor 513599-001ntel Pentium Dual-Core Mobile processor - 2.0GHz (Penryn-MV, 1MB Level-2 cache) Compatible Models:HP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AU556US, AV544US, AV678US, AV679US, AV684US, AV684USRHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AV685US, AV685USRHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AW246USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AW317USHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AW329US, AW373USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AW755USHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AW762USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AW768USHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AW862US, AW891US, AW915USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AW916USHP ProBook 4310s Notebook PC AW938USHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AW975USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AW997US, AW997USRHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AW998US, AW998USRHP ProBook 4310s Notebook PC AW999US, AX585USHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AX627USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AY198US, AY198USRHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AY204USHP ProBook 4310s Notebook PC AY232US, AY232USRHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AY241US, AY814US, AY851USHP ProBook 4310s Notebook PC AY974USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AY990USHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AZ855USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC BJ848US, BM619US, BN112USHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC FG249ECHP Pavilion dv7t-1200 CTO Entertainment Notebook FJ671AV, FJ672AV, FJ677AV, FJ678AVHP Pavilion dv4t-1200 CTO Entertainment Notebook FJ880AV, FJ883AVHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC FM847UT, FM848UT, FM848UTR, FM849UT, FM849UTRHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC FM850UT, FM850UTR, FM851UT, FM851UTRHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC FM852UA, FM852UAR, FM853UT, FM853UTR, FM966UT, FM967UT, FM967UTR, FM968UT, FM968UTR, FM969UT, FM969UTRHP ProBook 4310s Notebook PC FM970UT, FM970UTR, FM971UT, FM971UTR, FM972UT, FM972UTR, FM973UT, FM973UTRHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC FM999UT, FN001UT, FN002UT, FN003UTHP ProBook 4310s Notebook PC FN004UT, FN005UT, FN006UT, FN007UTHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC FN068UT, FN069UT, FN070UT, FN071UT, FN076UTHP Pavilion dv3600t CTO Entertainment Notebook PC FS444AVHP G70T-200 CTO Notebook PC FS534AV, FS535AV, FS536AVHP G60T-200 CTO Notebook PC FS682AV, FS683AV, FS684AVHP Pavilion dv6t-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook FV155AV, FV157AVHP Pavilion dv6t-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook FV159AVHP Pavilion dv6t-1200 CTO Entertainment Notebook P FV161AV, FV165AV, FV167AVHP Pavilion dv7t-2000 CTO Entertainment Notebook P FV272AV, FV274AVHP ProBook 4710s Base Model Notebook PC FV889AV, FV889AVRHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC FV915AV, FV916AVHP ProBook 4411s Notebook PC FV918AVHP Pavilion dv4t-1200 CTO Entertainment Notebook FW483AV, FW486AVHP Pavilion dv5t-1200se CTO Entertainment Notebook FX285AVHP Pavilion dv4-1210eo Entertainment Notebook PC FZ254EA, FZ254EARHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC NA906EA, NA907EA, NA907EAR, NA908EA, NA909EA, NA909EAR, NA910EA, NA911EA, NA913EA, NA913EAR, NA914EA, NA914EAR, NA915EA, NA915EAR, NA918EA, NA918EAR, NA919EA, NA919EAR, NA920EA, NA920EAR, NA921EA, NA921EAR, NA922EA, NA922EAR, NA923EA, NA923EAR, NA924EA, NA925EA, NA925EARHP G60-230US Notebook PC NB041UA, NB041UARHP G60-235DX Notebook PC NB042UA, NB042UARHP Pavilion dv6-1038ca Entertainment Notebook PC NB151UA, NB151UARHP Pavilion dv7t-2000 CTO Entertainment Notebook P NB404AVHP Pavilion dv7t-2000 CTO Entertainment Notebook NB406AVHP Pavilion dv6t-1100 CTO Entertainment Notebook NB634AV, NB636AVCompaq Presario CQ45-301TX Notebook PC NE627PAHP Pavilion dv4-1201tx Special Edition Entertainme NE629PAHP Pavilion dv3t-2000 CTO Entertainment Notebook NE898AV, NE899AVCompaq Presario CQ60-215EC Notebook PC NF202EA, NF202EARCompaq Presario CQ70-265EG Notebook PC NF219EA, NF219EARHP Pavilion dv7-1289eg Entertainment Notebook PC NF238EA, NF238EARHP Pavilion dv7-1220ed Entertainment Notebook PC NF240EA, NF240EARHP Pavilion dv7-1250eg Entertainment Notebook PC NF244EA, NF244EARHP G70-250US Notebook PC NF795UA, NF795UARHP G70-250CA Notebook PC NF798UA, NF798UARHP G70-246US Notebook PC NF802UA, NF802UARHP G70-257CL Notebook PC NF803UA, NF803UARCompaq Presario CQ60-210EP Notebook PC NG081EA, NG081EARCompaq Presario CQ60-212EO Notebook PC NG087EACompaq Presario CQ60-243EZ Notebook PC NG104EACompaq Presario CQ60-250EI Notebook PC NG114EAHP Pavilion dv7-1202ef Entertainment Notebook PC NG403EA, NG403EARCompaq Presario CQ70-250EO Notebook PC NG481EA, NG481EARCompaq Presario CQ70-240EV Notebook PC NG485EA, NG485EARCompaq Presario CQ70-220EB Notebook PC NG518EA, NG518EARCompaq Presario CQ70-240EL Notebook PC NG523EA, NG523EARHP Pavilion dv7-1233eo Entertainment Notebook PC NG550EA, NG550EARHP Pavilion dv7-1215ez Entertainment Notebook PC NG559EA, NG559EARHP Pavilion dv7-1220eb Entertainment Notebook PC NG581EA, NG581EARHP Pavilion dv6-1020ec Entertainment Notebook PC NG679EA, NG679EARHP Pavilion dv6-1050en Entertainment Notebook PC NG681EAHP Pavilion dv6-1070eo Entertainment Notebook PC NG684EA, NG684EARHP Pavilion dv6-1023em Entertainment Notebook PC NG710EAHP Pavilion dv6-1023ef Entertainment Notebook PC NG713EA, NG713EARHP Pavilion dv6-1040eb Entertainment Notebook PC NG727EA, NG727EARHP Pavilion dv6-1025ei Entertainment Notebook PC NG730EAHP Pavilion dv6-1020ek Entertainment Notebook PC NG731EA, NG731EARHP Pavilion dv6-1030eb Entertainment Notebook P NG734EA, NG734EARHP Pavilion dv6-1020ej Entertainment Notebook PC NG736EA, NG736EARHP Pavilion dv6-1056el Entertainment Notebook PC NG737EA, NG737EARHP Pavilion dv6-1009el Entertainment Notebook PC NG739EA, NG739EARHP Pavilion dv6-1030eq Entertainment Notebook PC NG743EA, NG743EARHP Pavilion dv6-1005ez Entertainment Notebook PC NG744EA, NG744EARHP Pavilion dv3620ef Entertainment Notebook PC NG763EAHP Pavilion dv4-1205tx Entertainment Notebook PC NJ135PAHP Pavilion dv4-1209tx Special Edition Entertainme NJ139PAHP Pavilion dv6-1002tx Entertainment Notebook PC NJ145PACompaq Presario CQ45-303TX Notebook PC NJ147PAHP Pavilion dv4-1214tx Special Edition Entertainme NJ154PACompaq Presario CQ45-306TX Notebook PC NJ155PAHP ProBook 4310s Notebook PC NJ360AVHP Pavilion dv6-1020es Entertainment Notebook PC NJ397EA, NJ397EARHP Pavilion dv6-1010ed Entertainment Notebook PC NJ398EA, NJ398EARHP Pavilion dv6-1020ed Entertainment Notebook PC NJ402EA, NJ402EARHP Pavilion dv6-1050eo Entertainment Notebook PC NJ410EA, NJ410EARHP G60-233CA Notebook PC NJ536UA, NJ536UARHP G60-233NR Notebook PC NJ538UA, NJ538UARHP Pavilion dv4t-1300se CTO Entertainment Notebook NJ918AVHP Pavilion dv4t-1300 CTO Entertainment Notebook NJ923AV, NJ924AV, NJ929AV, NJ930AVHP Pavilion dv7-1203ef Entertainment Notebook PC NK069EA, NK069EARHP Pavilion dv7-1203em Entertainment Notebook PC NK070EA, NK070EARHP Pavilion dv7-1206ef Entertainment Notebook PC NK081EA, NK081EARHP Pavilion dv7-1208ef Entertainment Notebook PC NK082EA, NK082EARCompaq Presario CQ45-308TU Notebook PC NK857PAHP Pavilion dv4-1201tu Entertainment Notebook PC NK870PAHP Pavilion dv5-1203tx Entertainment Notebook PC NK878PAHP Pavilion dv5-1204tx Entertainment Notebook PC NK879PAHP Pavilion dv5-1206tx Special Edition Entertainme NK881PACompaq Presario CQ60-201ET Notebook PC NK976EACompaq Presario CQ60-211ET Notebook PC NK977EACompaq Presario CQ60-212ET Notebook PC NK978EACompaq Presario CQ60-220ET Notebook PC NK979EA, NK979EARCompaq Presario CQ60-212EL Notebook PC NK980EA, NK980EARCompaq Presario CQ70-201TX Notebook PC NL055PACompaq Presario CQ60-207TU Notebook PC NL057PAHP Pavilion dv3614tx Entertainment Notebook PC NL070PAHP Pavilion dv3621tx Entertainment Notebook PC NL077PAHP Pavilion dv3627tx Entertainment Notebook PC NL089PACompaq Presario CQ60-213TX Notebook PC NL099PACompaq Presario CQ20-306TU Notebook PC NL106PACompaq Presario CQ20-307TU Notebook PC NL107PA, NL107PARCompaq Presario CQ60-214TX Notebook PC NL109PA, NL109PARCompaq Presario CQ60-213TU Notebook PC NL113PA, NL113PARCompaq Presario CQ60-214TU Notebook PC NL114PAHP G60-243DX Notebook PC NL990UA, NL990UARHP Pavilion dv7-2019ca Entertainment Notebook PC NM099UA, NM099UARHP G70-258US Notebook PC NM244UA, NM244UARCompaq Presario CQ20-308TU Notebook PC NM522PACompaq Presario CQ45-324TX Notebook PC NM523PACompaq Presario CQ20-309TU Notebook PC NM532PA, NM532PARCompaq Presario CQ20-311TU Notebook PC NM537PACompaq Presario CQ20-322TU Notebook PC NM556PACompaq Presario CQ40-334TU Notebook PC NM561PACompaq Presario CQ40-335TU Notebook PC NM562PACompaq Presario CQ40-336TU Notebook PC NM563PACompaq Presario CQ40-337TU Notebook PC NM564PA, NM564PARCompaq Presario CQ40-338TU Notebook PC NM565PA, NM565PARCompaq Presario CQ40-339TU Notebook PC NM566PA, NM566PARCompaq Presario CQ40-340TU Notebook PC NM574PACompaq Presario CQ20-326TU Notebook PC NM575PACompaq Presario CQ45-325TX Notebook PC NM576PACompaq Presario CQ60-217TU Notebook PC NM582PA, NM582PARCompaq Presario CQ60-215TX Notebook PC NM585PACompaq Presario CQ60-216TX Notebook PC NM586PA, NM586PARCompaq Presario CQ45-328TX Notebook PC NM590PACompaq Presario CQ40-341TU Notebook PC NM591PAHP Pavilion dv6-1120eq Entertainment Notebook PC NM631EAHP Pavilion dv6-1120eo Entertainment Notebook PC NM635EA, NM635EARHP Pavilion dv6-1190eo Entertainment Notebook PC NM647EA, NM647EARHP Pavilion dv6-1027ef Entertainment Notebook PC NM650EA, NM650EARHP Pavilion dv4-1222la Entertainment Notebook PC NN134LACompaq Presario CQ60-355LA Notebook PC NN144LAHP Pavilion dv4-1220br Entertainment Notebook PC NN176LA, NN176LARCompaq Presario CQ40-305LA Notebook PC NN795LA, NN795LARHP ProBook 4310s Notebook PC NN981AV, NN982AV, NN983AV, NN984AV, NN985AVHP Pavilion dv4-1215ef Entertainment Notebook PC NN992EAHP Pavilion dv4-1210ef Entertainment Notebook PC NP683EA, NP683EARHP Pavilion dv3-2050ea Entertainment Notebook PC NP858EA, NP858EARHP Pavilion dv3-2030eo Entertainment Notebook NP871EA, NP871EARCompaq Presario CQ40-342TU Notebook PC NQ132PA, NQ132PARCompaq Presario CQ40-343TU Notebook PC NQ138PACompaq Presario CQ20-329TU Notebook PC NQ139PACompaq Presario CQ40-345TU Notebook PC NQ174PAHP Pavilion dv3604la Entertainment Notebook PC NQ333LAHP Pavilion dv6-1055eo Entertainment Notebook PC NQ544EAHP G60-236US Notebook PC NR380UAHP Pavilion dv4t-1400 CTO Entertainment Notebook NS234AV, NS235AV, NS236AV, NS243AV, NS244AV, NS245AVCompaq Presario CQ40-312BR Notebook PC NS628LA, NS628LARCompaq Presario CQ20-401TU Notebook PC NT680PACompaq Presario CQ40-401TU Notebook PC NT681PACompaq Presario CQ40-403TU Notebook PC NT683PAHP Pavilion dv4-1309tx Entertainment Notebook PC NT693PAHP Pavilion dv4-1313tx Entertainment Notebook PC NT697PAHP Pavilion dv6-1111tx Entertainment Notebook PC NT705PAHP Pavilion dv6-1112tx Entertainment Notebook PC NT706PACompaq Presario CQ45-405TX Notebook PC NT711PAHP Pavilion dv3635tx Entertainment Notebook PC NT719PACompaq Presario CQ45-401TU Notebook PC NT734PACompaq Presario CQ40-404TX Notebook PC NT751PACompaq Presario CQ40-405TX Notebook PC NT752PACompaq Presario CQ40-408TX Notebook PC NT755PA, NT755PARCompaq Presario CQ40-409TX Notebook PC NU242PACompaq Presario CQ40-408TU Notebook PC NU245PACompaq Presario CQ40-409TU Notebook PC NU246PACompaq Presario CQ40-410TU Notebook PC NU249PACompaq Presario CQ40-410TX Notebook PC NU250PACompaq Presario CQ45-411TX Notebook PC NU261PACompaq Presario CQ61-101TX Notebook PC NU328PACompaq Presario CQ61-104TX Notebook PC NU331PACompaq Presario CQ61-102TU Notebook PC NU338PAHP Pavilion dv4-1444dx Entertainment Notebook PC NU992UA, NU992UARHP ProBook 4310s Notebook PC NV776AV, NV777AV, NV778AV, NV779AV, NV780AVHP Pavilion dv3-2010et Entertainment Notebook PC NV843EAHP Pavilion dv3-2020et Entertainment Notebook PC NV846EAHP Pavilion dv3-2150ew Entertainment Notebook PC NV850EAHP G60-441US Notebook PC NW142UA, NW142UARHP G60-414CA Notebook PC NW145UA, NW145UARHP G60-447CL Notebook PC NW149UA, NW149UARHP G60-438NR Notebook PC NW150UA, NW150UARCompaq Presario CQ60-420US Notebook PC NW156UA, NW156UARCompaq Presario CQ60-417CA Notebook PC NW158UA, NW158UARCompaq Presario CQ60-427NR Notebook PC NW160UA, NW160UAR

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