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HP Pavilion DV7t-2000 Intel Core 2 Quad-Core mobile processor 507948-001

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HP Pavilion DV7t-2000 Intel Core 2 Quad-Core mobile processor 507948-001Intel Core 2 Quad-Core mobile processor Q9000 - 2.0GHz (Penryn QC-6M, 1066MHz front side bus, 6MB total Level-2 cache, 45W TDP) Compatible Models:HP EliteBook 8730w Mobile Workstation AQ808US, AQ844US, AQ844USR, AQ848US, AQ849US, AQ967US, AQ998US, AR008US, AR009US, AR013US, AR017US, AR054US, AR202US, AR217US, AR218US, AR225US, AR264US, AR275US, AR276US, AR276USR, AR341US, AR368US, AR408US, AR660US, AR695US, AR796US, AR804US, AR804USR, AR854US, AR854USR, AR911US, AR911USR, AR931US, AS009US, AS047US, AS059US, AS136US, AS155US, AS175US, AS182US, AS195US, AS228US, AS228USR, AS240US, AS254US, AS299US, AS300US, AS301US, AS333US, AS334US, AS342US, AS348US, AS369US, AS396US, AS406US, AS406USR, AS416US, AS418US, AS423US, AS423USR, AS432US, AS500US, AS502US, AS503US, AS551US, AS551USR, AS555US, AS556US, AS589US, AS686US, AS702US, AS752US, AS776US, AS796US, AS847US, AS887US, AS893US, AS895US, AS931US, AS936US, AS946US, AT199US, AT200US, AT200USR, AT221US, AT221USR, AT259US, AT306US, AT312US, AT355US, AT364US, AT381US, AT401US, AT401USR, AT406US, AT417US, AT436US, AT442US, AT577US, AT597US, AT602US, AT662US, AT690US, AT698US, AT731US, AT773US, AT787US, AT791US, AT821US, AU057US, AU058US, AU320US, AU326US, AU574US, AU576US, AU591US, AV531US, AV580US, AV596US, AV695US, AV732US, AV735US, AV772US, AV791US, AV791USR, AW212US, AW304US, AW390US, AW393US, AW749US, AW973US, AX523US, AX579US, AX610US, AX649US, AX650US, AY194US, AY222US, AY238US, AY240US, AY277US, AY281US, AY290US, AY301US, AY326US, AY326USR, AY342US, AY344US, AY379US, AY389US, AY436US, AY777US, AY778US, AY831US, AY885US, AY927US, AY931US, AY936US, AY936USR, AY966US, AY980US, AZ019US, AZ569US, AZ594US, AZ600US, AZ612US, AZ613US, AZ636US, AZ638US, AZ681US, AZ682US, AZ684US, AZ695US, AZ702US, AZ727US, AZ805US, AZ807US, AZ823US, AZ837US, AZ840US, AZ854US, BJ815US, BJ860US, BJ891US, BJ939US, BK006US, BK017US, BK071US, BK073US, BK075US, BK077US, BK080US, BK924US, BL019US, BL134US, BL138US, BL141US, BL156US, BL159US, BL469US, BL473US, BL482US, BL482USR, BL500US, BL506US, BL507US, BM631US, BM732US, BM766US, BM778US, BM801US, BM805US, BM807US, BM808US, BM833US, BM930US, BN027US, BN057US, BN166US, BN220US, BN223US, BP488US, BP511US, BP547US, BP551US, BQ034US, BQ130US, BQ305US, BQ614US, BQ762US, BQ763US, BQ804US, BR117US, BS292US, BS445US, BU535US, BU778US, FG076EC, FG077EC, FG078EC, FG079EC, FG146EC, FG158EC, FG220ECHP HDX X18T-1100 CTO Premium Notebook PC FJ927AV, FJ929AVHP EliteBook 8730w Mobile Workstation FM825UT, FM825UTR, FM871UT, FM871UTR, FM872UT, FM872UTR, FM873UT, FM873UTR, FM874UT, FM874UTR, FM875UT, FM875UTR, FM876UT, FM876UTR, FM884UA, FM884UAR, FM885UA, FM885UAR, FM886UA, FM886UAR, FN033UT, FN034UT, FN035UT, FN036UA, FN037UA, FN038UA, FN778AV, FN779AV, FU467EA, FU467EAR, FU468EA, FU468EAR, FU468ET, FU468ETR, FU469EA, FU469EAR, FU470EA, FU470EAR, FU470ET, FU470ETR, FU471EA, FU471EAR, FU471ET, FU471ETR, FU472EA, FU472EARHP HDX X18-1102EA Premium Notebook PC FU780EAHP HDX X18-1190EW Premium Notebook PC FU782EA, FU782EARHP HDX X18-1180EF Premium Notebook PC FU783EA, FU783EARHP HDX X18-1175EE Premium Notebook PC FU785EA, FU785EARHP HDX X18-1277EZ Premium Notebook PC FU798EA, FU798EARHP HDX X18-1280EL Premium Notebook PC FU799EA, FU799EARHP EliteBook 8730w Mobile Workstation FV238AA, FV238AAR, FV239AA, FV239AAR, FV240AA, FV240AAR, FV241AA, FV242AA, FV243AAHP Pavilion dv7t-2000 CTO Entertainment Notebook P FV272AV, FV274AVHP Pavilion dv7t-2200 CTO Entertainment Notebook P FV278AV, FV280AVHP EliteBook 8730w Mobile Workstation FY173PA, FY174PA, FY174PAR, FY175PA, FY176PA, FY176PAR, FZ590PA, FZ591PA, FZ591PAR, FZ614PA, FZ614PAR, FZ615PA, FZ629PA, FZ629PAR, FZ630PA, FZ631PA, FZ632PA, FZ632PAR, FZ633PA, FZ634PA, FZ635PA, FZ636PA, FZ650PA, FZ651PA, FZ652PA, FZ658PA, FZ659PA, GW678AV, GW678AVR, KS067UA, KS067UAR, KS068UT, KS068UTR, KS069UT, KS069UTR, KS070UT, KS070UTR, KS071UA, KS071UAR, KS072UT, KS072UTR, KS073UT, KS073UTR, KS074UT, KS074UTR, KS075UA, KS075UAR, KS076UT, KS076UTR, KS114UA, KS114UAR, KW897AV, NA750ES, NA750ESR, NA757ES, NA760ES, NA763ES, NA799ES, NA856ES, NA866ES, NA878ES, NA878ESR, NA879ES, NA879ESR, NA900ES, NA900ESR, NA975ES, NA978ES, NA979ESHP HDX X18-1180US Premium Notebook PC NB184UA, NB184UARHP HDX X18-1180CA Premium Notebook PC NB188UA, NB188UARHP Pavilion dv7t-2000 CTO Entertainment Notebook P NB404AVHP Pavilion dv7t-2000 CTO Entertainment Notebook NB406AVHP EliteBook 8730w Mobile Workstation NB522PA, NB522PAR, NB526PA, NB527PA, NB527PAR, NB528PA, NB528PAR, NB554PA, NB555PA

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