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HP Pavilion DV7t,DV7t-2000 Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile processor 507952-001

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HP Pavilion DV7t Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile processor 507952-001Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile processor T9600 - 2.8GHz (Penryn-MV, 1066MHz front side bus, 6MB total Level-2 cache, Socket Micro-FCPGA, 35W TDP)Compatible Models:HP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AU556US, AV544US, AV678US, AV679US, AV684US, AV684USRHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AV685US, AV685USRHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AW246USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AW317USHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AW329US, AW373USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AW755USHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AW762USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AW768USHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AW862US, AW891US, AW915USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AW916USHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AW975USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AW997US, AW997USRHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AW998US, AW998USR, AX627USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AY198US, AY198USRHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AY204US, AY241US, AY814US, AY851USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC AY990USHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC AZ855USHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC BJ848US, BM619US, BN112USHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC FG249EC, FM847UT, FM848UT, FM848UTR, FM849UT, FM849UTRHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC FM850UT, FM850UTR, FM851UT, FM851UTRHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC FM852UA, FM852UAR, FM853UT, FM853UTR, FM966UT, FM967UT, FM967UTR, FM968UT, FM968UTR, FM969UT, FM969UTR, FM999UT, FN001UT, FN002UT, FN003UT, FN068UT, FN069UT, FN070UT, FN071UT, FN076UTHP ProBook 4710s Base Model Notebook PC FV889AV, FV889AVRHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC FV915AV, FV916AVHP ProBook 4411s Notebook PC FV918AVHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC NA906EA, NA907EA, NA907EAR, NA908EA, NA909EA, NA909EAR, NA910EA, NA911EA, NA913EA, NA913EAR, NA914EA, NA914EAR, NA915EA, NA915EAR, NA918EA, NA918EAR, NA919EA, NA919EAR, NA920EA, NA920EAR, NA921EA, NA921EAR, NA922EA, NA922EAR, NA923EA, NA923EAR, NA924EA, NA925EA, NA925EARHP Pavilion dv3t-2000 CTO Entertainment Notebook NE898AV, NE899AVHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC NX410EA, NX411EA, NX413EA, NX413EAR, NX414EA, NX414EAR, NX415EA, NX416EA, NX416EAR, NX417EA, NX417EAR, NX418EA, NX419EA, NX419EARHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC NX420EA, NX420EAR, NX421EA, NX421EAR, NX422EA, NX422EAR, NX423EA, NX423EAR, NX424EA, NX424EAR, NX425EA, NX425EAR, NX426EA, NX426EAR, NX427EA, NX427EARHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC NX428EA, NX428EAR, NX429EA, NX429EAR, NX430EA, NX431EA, NX431EAR, NX432EA, NX433EA, NX433EAR, NX434EA, NX434EAR, NX435EA, NX435EARHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC NX436EA, NX437EA, NX437EAR, NX438EA, NX438EAR, NX439EA, NX439EARHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC NX440EA, NX440EAR, NX441EAHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC NX442EA, NX442EAR, NX443EA, NX443EAR, NX444EA, NX445EA, NX445EARHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC NX446EA, NX446EAR, NX447EA, NX447EAR, NX448EA, NX450EA, NX450EAR, NX451EA, NX452EA, NX453EA, NX453EAR, NX454EA, NX454EAR, NX455EA, NX456EA, NX456EAR, NX457EA, NX457EAR, NX458EA, NX458EAR, NX459EA, NX459EAR, NX583EA, NX583EAR, NX584EA, NX587EA, NX587EARHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC NX588EA, NX589EA, NX590EA, NX590EAR, NX591EA, NX591EAR, NX592EA, NX593EA, NX593EARHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC NX594EA, NX595EA, NX595EARHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC NX601EA, NX602EA, NX602EAR, NX603EA, NX603EARHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC NX604EA, NX604EAR, NX606EA, NX607EA, NX607EAR, NX608EA, NX609EAHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC NX610EA, NX611EA, NX611EAR, NX612EA, NX612EARHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC NX613EA, NX613EAR, NX614EA, NX614EAR, NX615EA, NX619EA, NX619EAR, NX620EA, NX621EA, NX621EAR, NX622EA, NX623EA, NX624EA, NX624EAR, NX625EA, NX625EAR, NX626EA, NX626EARHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC NX627EA, NX627EAR, NX628EA, NX628EAR, NX629EA, NX629EAR, NX630EA, NX630EAR, NX631EA, NX631EARHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC NX634EAHP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC NX646ES, NX646ESRHP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC NX653ES, NX653ESR, NX654ES, NX662ES, NX663ES, NX664ES, NX668EA, NX668EAR, NX672EA, NX672EAR, NX673EA, NX673EAR, NX674EA, NX674EAR, NX677EA, NX682EA, NX682EAR, NX683EA, NX683EAR, NX684EA, NX684EAR, NX685EA, NX685EAR, NX687EA, NX687EAR, 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