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HP Touchsmart TX2-1020US Motherboard 504466-001

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Product Description

HP Touchsmart TX2-1020US Motherboard 504466-001 System board (motherboard) - With integrated graphics, multiple USB ports - No processor, no memory Compatible Models:HP TouchSmart tx2-1030cm Notebook PC FM854UT, FM854UTR HP TouchSmart tx2-1032cm Notebook PC FM892UT, FM892UTR HP TouchSmart tx2-1031cm Notebook PC FM893UT, FM893UTR HP TouchSmart tx2z-1000 CTO Notebook PC FR171AAR, FR171AV HP TouchSmart tx2-1050ef Notebook PC KM147EA, KM147EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1050eo Notebook PC KM148EA, KM148EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1010ea Notebook PC KM149EA, KM149EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1050ew Notebook PC KM151EA, KM151EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1050ed Notebook PC KM152EA, KM152EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1050ew Notebook PC KM153EA, KM153EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1020us Notebook PC NB220UA, NB220UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1025dx Notebook PC NB221UA, NB221UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1020ca Notebook PC NB223UA, NB223UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1024ca Notebook PC NB224UA, NB224UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1027ca Notebook PC NB225UA, NB225UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1001au Notebook PC NE614PA, NE614PAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1002au Notebook PC NE622PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1003au Notebook PC NE623PA, NE623PAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1004au Notebook PC NE638PA, NE638PAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1051xx Notebook PC NH459AS HP TouchSmart tx2-1005au Notebook PC NJ105PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1006au Notebook PC NJ106PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1007au Notebook PC NJ133PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1008au Notebook PC NJ134PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1050ep Notebook PC NJ426EA, NJ426EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1055ee Notebook PC NJ427EA, NJ427EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1010et Notebook PC NJ429EA HP TouchSmart tx2-1015ea Notebook PC NJ430EA, NJ430EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1020ea Notebook PC NJ431EA, NJ431EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1050el Notebook PC NJ433EA, NJ433EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1050ej Notebook PC NJ434EA, NJ434EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1099eg Notebook PC NJ435EA, NJ435EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1075ee Notebook PC NJ436EA, NJ436EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1035ee Notebook PC NJ437EA, NJ437EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1009au Notebook PC NK837PA, NK837PAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1010au Notebook PC NK910PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1011au Notebook PC NK911PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1012au Notebook PC NK927PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1013au Notebook PC NK928PA, NK928PAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1014au Notebook PC NL036PA, NL036PAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1015au Notebook PC NL128PA, NL128PAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1040br Notebook PC NL266LA HP TouchSmart tx2-1070br Notebook PC NL267LA HP TouchSmart tx2-1080la Notebook PC NL268LA HP TouchSmart tx2-1012nr Notebook PC NM264UA, NM264UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1035ei Notebook PC NM507EA HP TouchSmart tx2-1150ef Notebook PC NM511EA, NM511EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1016au Notebook PC NM540PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1017au Notebook PC NM541PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1018au Notebook PC NM542PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1019au Notebook PC NM568PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1020au Notebook PC NM569PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1150eg Notebook PC NP659EA, NP659EAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1021au Notebook PC NQ140PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1022au Notebook PC NQ172PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1101au Notebook PC NQ223PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1102au Notebook PC NT758PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1103au Notebook PC NT759PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1104au Notebook PC NT760PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1105au Notebook PC NT761PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1106au Notebook PC NT763PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1107au Notebook PC NT764PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1108au Notebook PC NT765PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1109au Notebook PC NT766PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1110au Notebook PC NU255PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1111au Notebook PC NU256PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1112au Notebook PC NU282PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1113au Notebook PC NU286PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1114au Notebook PC NU287PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1270us Notebook PC NV174UA, NV174UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1275dx Notebook PC NV175UA, NV175UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1244ca Notebook PC NV176UA, NV176UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1224ca Notebook PC NV177UA, NV177UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1277nr Notebook PC NV178UA, NV178UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1274nr Notebook PC NV179UA, NV179UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1115au Notebook PC NW897PA, NW897PAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1116au Notebook PC NW922PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1117au Notebook PC NW953PA, NW953PAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1118au Notebook PC NW954PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1119au Notebook PC NZ106PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1120au Notebook PC NZ107PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1121au Notebook PC VB617PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1122au Notebook PC VB655PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1123au Notebook PC VB671PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1124au Notebook PC VB672PA HP TouchSmart tx2z-1300 CTO Notebook PC VB219AAR, VB219AV, VB220AAR, VB220AV, VB221AV HP TouchSmart tx2-1201au Notebook PC VF011PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1202au Notebook PC VF021PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1203au Notebook PC VG554PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1204au Notebook PC VG555PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1206au Notebook PC VH062PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1207au Notebook PC VH063PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1205au Notebook PC VH847PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1208au Notebook PC VH883PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1209au Notebook PC VH884PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1210au Notebook PC VH885PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1211au Notebook PC VH888PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1212au Notebook PC VH920PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1213au Notebook PC VH921PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1214au Notebook PC VH922PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1215au Notebook PC VJ955PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1216au Notebook PC VJ986PA, VJ986PAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1217au Notebook PC VJ992PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1370us Notebook PC VM307UA, VM307UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1375dx Notebook PC VM308UA, VM308UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1360ca Notebook PC VM309UA, VM309UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1377nr Notebook PC VM310UA, VM310UAR HP TouchSmart tx2-1218au Notebook PC VM754PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1219au Notebook PC VM769PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1370br Notebook PC VR934LA HP TouchSmart tx2-1380la Notebook PC VS607LA HP TouchSmart tx2-1307au Notebook PC VU513PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1308au Notebook PC VV018PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1309au Notebook PC VV019PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1310au Notebook PC VV039PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1311au Notebook PC VV270PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1312au Notebook PC VV689PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1313au Notebook PC VV690PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1314au Notebook PC VV737PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1315au Notebook PC VV738PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1316au Notebook PC VW513PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1317au Notebook PC VW514PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1318au Notebook PC VW545PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1319au Notebook PC VW546PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1320au Notebook PC VW554PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1321au Notebook PC VZ519PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1322au Notebook PC VZ520PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1323au Notebook PC VZ527PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1324au Notebook PC VZ532PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1305au Notebook PC VU428PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1306au Notebook PC VU429PA HP TouchSmart tx2-1325au Notebook PC WC201PA

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