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New Original Compaq Presario V5000 65W AC Adapter - 239704-021

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New Original Compaq Presario V5000 65W AC Adapter - 402018-001 - 380467-003 - HP-OK065B13 - HP-OK065B13 LF - HP-OK065B13LF101880-001101898-001120765-001146594-001159224-001159224-002163444-001179725-002179725-003209124-001209126-001 239427-001239427-003239704-001265602-001285288-001285546-001287515-001293428-001293705-001338136-001371790-001 383494-001386315-001386315-002387661-001394278-001402018-001403810-001409843-001380467-004 380467-001 PPP009LPPP009HPA-1650-02H 381090-001239704-021 239427-001 239704-001 417220-001 90-N55PW100290-N55PW102090-N55PW1022 90-N55PW200290-N55PW201290-N6APW200290-N6APW2012DC359ADC359A#ABADC395ADC395A#ABADC395A#ABBDL606ADL606A#ABA HP-Ok065B13LPACQ3PA-1651-02CPP1006PPP002DPPP003SDPPP005LPPP009HPPP009LPPP009SPW-AC003Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1.7AOutput: 18.5V ~ 3.5ACompatible Models:HP/Compaq Presario F700,Presario V2000,Presario V2300,Presario V2400,Presario V2500,Presario V2600,Presario V2700,Presario V4000,Presario V5000,Presario V6000,Presario M2300,Presario M2500,DV6000,DV6000z,DV6000Z,DV9000,DV6000/EVO,N1000,NX7000,G6000,L2000,NC4000Presario V2304US,Compaq Presario M2300 Notebook PC EC219UAR, EC219UA, EC220UAR, EC220UA Compaq Presario M2310LA Notebook PC ER225LA Compaq Presario M2500 Notebook PC ET058AVR, ET058AV Compaq Presario V2000 Notebook PC DZ624AVR, DZ624AV, DZ667AVR, DZ667AV Compaq Presario V2000 Notebook PC PD105PAR, PD105PA, PD106PA, PD107PA, PD108PA, PD109PA, PD121PA, PD122PAR, PD122PA, PF357PAR, PF357PA, PF358PA, PF359PAR, PF359PA, PF360PA, PF376PAR, PF376PA, PF377PAR, PF377PA, PH469PA, PH470PA, PH475PAR, PH475PA, PH484PAR, PH484PA Compaq Presario V2000 Notebook PC PH614AVR, PH614AV, PK810AS, PK811AS Compaq Presario V2000 Notebook PC PK812AS Compaq Presario V2000 Notebook PC PM063UAR, PM063UA, PM064UAR, PM064UA, PM066UAR, PM066UA Compaq Presario V2000 Notebook PC PN564PAR, PN564PA, PN565PA, PN566PA, PN567PA, PN568PA, PN569PA, PN570PA, PN571PA, PN572PA, PN573PAR, PN573PA, PN644EA, PN645EAR, PN645EA, PN646EAR, PN646EA, PN647EAR, PN647EA, PN891PA, PN901PA, PN902PA, PN905PA, PN915PAR, PN915PA, PP965PA, PP966PA, PP967PA, PP969PA, PP970PA, PP972PA, PP973PA, PP983PA, PP985PAR, PP985PA, PP988PA Compaq Presario V2000 Notebook PC PR282AS Compaq Presario V2000 Notebook PC PS915PA, PS916PA, PS917PA, PS936PA Compaq Presario V2000 Notebook PC PT190LA, PT191LA Compaq Presario V2000 Notebook PC PV249PA Compaq Presario V2400 Notebook PC EC158UAR, EC158UA, EH593AVR, EH593AV, PT165AVR, PT165AV Compaq Presario V2500 Notebook PC EP381UAR, EP381UA Compaq Presario V2500 Notebook PC EP386UAR, EP386UA Compaq Presario V2500 Notebook PC EP442UAR, EP442UA Compaq Presario V2500 Notebook PC EP444UAR, EP444UA Compaq Presario V2600 Notebook ED046AVR, ED046AV, ED384AVR, ED384AV Compaq Presario V2600 Notebook EM702AVR, EM702AV, EM703AVR, EM703AV Compaq Presario V2600 Notebook ER437AVR, ER437AV Compaq Presario V2600 Notebook ET059AVR, ET059AV Compaq Presario V2617LA Notebook PC EW998LA Compaq Presario V2665US Notebook EX657UAR, EX657UA Compaq Presario V2699XX Notebook EU725AS Compaq Presario V2718WM Notebook PC EZ621UA HP Pavilion dv1300 Notebook PC EA937AS, EA938AS, EC134UAR, EC134UA, EC137UAR, EC137UA, EC138UAR, EC138UA, EC141UAR, EC141UA, EC144UAR, EC144UA, EC145UAR, EC145UA, EC147UAR, EC147UA, EC150UA, EE235AS, EE631LA, EE632LA, EE633LA, EE639LA, EH377LA, EH378LA, EP819LA, PT074AVR, PT074AV, PT075AVR, PT075AV HP Pavilion dv1400 Notebook PC EH438UAR, EH438UA, EH439UAR, EH439UA, EH440UAR, EH440UA, EH441UAR, EH441UA, EH443UAR, EH443UA, EH447UAR, EH447UA, EH449UAR, EH449UA, EH450UAR, EH450UA, EH451UAR, EH451UA, EH454UAR, EH454UA HP Pavilion dv1500 Notebook PC EP343UAR, EP343UA HP Pavilion dv1500 Notebook PC EP347UA HP Pavilion dv1500 Notebook PC EP348UA HP Pavilion dv1500 Notebook PC EP350UAR, EP350UA HP Pavilion dv1500 Notebook PC EP433UAR, EP433UA HP Pavilion dv1500 Notebook PC EP435UA HP Pavilion dv1500 Notebook PC EP438UAR, EP438UA HP Pavilion dv1600 Notebook ED048AVR, ED048AV, ED338AVR, ED338AV, EK298AVR, EK298AV HP Pavilion dv1600 Notebook EM482AVR, EM482AV HP Pavilion dv1600 Notebook ER428AVR, ER428AV HP Pavilion dv1610US Notebook ET890UAR, ET890UA HP Pavilion dv1635CA Notebook ET741UAR, ET741UA HP Pavilion dv1648US Notebook ET739UA HP Pavilion dv1650US Notebook ET730UA HP Pavilion dv1657CL Notebook ET900UA HP Pavilion dv1659US Notebook ET738UA HP Pavilion dv1660CA Notebook ET742UAR, ET742UA HP Pavilion dv1700 CTO Notebook PC EV077AV HP Pavilion dv1708NR Notebook PC EZ607UAR, EZ607UA HP Pavilion dv1710US Notebook PC EZ600UA HP Pavilion dv6000 CTO Notebook PC EW435AV HP Pavilion ze2000 Notebook PC EH062PA HP Pavilion ze2000 Notebook PC PM341AV, PM342AVR, PM342AV, PQ648AVR, PQ648AV HP Pavilion ze2000 Notebook PC PS719EAR, PS719EA, PS720EAR, PS720EA, PS721EAR, PS721EA, PS722EAR, PS722EA, PS723EAR, PS723EA, PS724EAR, PS724EA, PS725EAR, PS725EA, PS726EAR, PS726EA, PS727EAR, PS727EA, PS728EA, PS729EAR, PS729EA, PS730EA, PS731EAR, PS731EA, PS732EA, PS733EAR, PS733EA, PS734EAR, PS734EA, PS735EAR, PS735EA, PS736EA, PS737EAR, PS737EA, PS738EAR, PS738EA, PS928PA, PT362PA, PT363PA, PT369PA, PT519PA, PT520PA, PT521PA, PT522PA, PT523PA, PT532PA, PT533PA, PT539PA, PT540PA HP Pavilion ze2000 Notebook PC PT590AS HP Pavilion ze2000 Notebook PC PV278PA, PV283PA, PV284PA, PV285PA, PV293PA HP Pavilion ze2000 Notebook PC PV815AVR, PV815AV HP Pavilion ze2000 Notebook PC PW947EAR, PW947EA, PW948EAR, PW948EA, PW949EAR, PW949EA, PW950EAR, PW950EA, PW951EA, PW952EAR, PW952EA, PW953EAR, PW953EA, PW954EAR, PW954EA, PW955EAR, PW955EA, PW956EAR, PW956EA, PW957EAR, PW957EA, PW958EAR, PW958EA, PW959EAR, PW959EA, PW960EAR, PW960EA, PW961EAR, PW961EA, PW962EAR, PW962EA, PW963EA, PX285LA, PX286LA, PX287LA, PX288LA HP Pavilion ze2000 Notebook PC PX382UAR, PX382UA, PX387UAR, PX387UA, PX390UA, PX391UAR, PX391UA, PX407AS HP Pavilion ze2000 Notebook PC PY858PA, PY859PA HP Pavilion ze2200 Notebook PC ED326AS, EE473PA, EE474PA, EE475PA, EF124LA, EF131EA, EF132EAR, EF132EA, EF133EA, EF134EAR, EF134EA, EF135EAR, EF135EA, EF136EAR, EF136EA, EF137EAR, EF137EA, EF138EAR, EF138EA, EF140EAR, EF140EA, EF141EAR, EF141EA, EF142EAR, EF142EA, EF144EAR, EF144EA, EF145EAR, EF145EA, EF146EAR, EF146EA, EF147EA, EF148EA, EF149EAR, EF149EA, EF150EAR, EF150EA, EF345AS, EH704EAR, EH704EA, EH705EAR, EH705EA, EH706EAR, EH706EA, EH707EA, EH708EAR, EH708EA, EH709EA, EH710EAR, EH710EA HP Pavilion zv5400 Series Notebooks PC (UMA) PS620EA HP Special Edition L2000 Notebook PC EP384UAR, EP384UA HP Special Edition L2005CO Notebook PC EH735UAR, EH735UA

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