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NEW Original HP pavilion Compaq 65 Watt Smart pin AC Adapter - 463552-002

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NEW Original HP pavilion Compaq 65 Watt Smart pin AC Adapter - 463958-001HP-OK065B13 - 463552-002 - PPP009H - 384019-001 - 391172-001 - PA-1650-02HC - PPP009LCord Is IncludedAC Adapter : AC Smart pin slim power adapter (65-watt) - 100-240VAC 1.7A input, 50-60Hz, 18.5VDC 3.5A output - Does NOT include dongle for use with older, non-Smart compatible notebook PC'sCompatible Models:2533t Mobile Thin ClientFF569AA, FF569AT, FF570AA, FF571AA, FF571AT, FF572AA, FF573AA, FF573AT, FF574AA, FF575AA, FF575AT, FF576AA, FF577AA, FF577AT, FF578AA, FF579AA, FF579AT, FF580AA, FJ111PA, FJ112PA, GW697AV, KG709AV, KR938UTCompaq 2230s Notebook PCFQ759PA, FQ760PA, FQ761PA, FQ762PA, FQ763PA, FQ764PA, FQ765PA, FQ997PA, FQ998PA, FR024PA, FR025PA, FR026PA, FR027PA, FR057PA, FR058PA, FU311EA, FU312EA, FU312ET, FU313EA, FU314EA, FU314ET, FU315EA, FV325PA, FV326PA, FV327PA, FV362PA, FV363PA, FV382PA, FV383PA, FV384PA, FV385PA, FV386PA, FV387PA, FV388PA, FV389PA, FV397PA, FW105PA, FW113PA, FW114PA, FW115PA, FW116PA, FW120PA, FW121PA, FW139PA, FW152PA, FW156PA, FW161PA, FY118PA, FY121PA, FY122PA, FY123PA, FY126PA, FY130PA, FY131PA, FY132PA, FY147PA, FY155PA, FZ618PA, FZ619PA, FZ620PA, FZ672PA, FZ675PA, KH119AV, KS057UT, KS058UT, KS059UT, KS060UA, KS061UA, KS062UA, NB518PA, NB533PA, NB534PA, NB535PA, NB545PA, NB546PA, ND129PA, NE791PA, NE792PA, NE801PA, NE816PA, NE817PA, NE824PA, NE828PA, NE863PACompaq 6535s Notebook PCFP646PA, FP647PA, FQ807AA, FQ808AA, FQ809AA, FQ810AA, FQ811AA, FQ990PA, FV317PA, FV318PA, FW173PA, FY185PA, FY186PA, FY187PA, FZ667PA, FZ685PA, FZ686PA, GW693AV, NB603PA, NB604PA, NB605PA, NH360PA, NH361PACompaq 6735s Notebook PCAQ398US, AQ399US, AQ400US, AQ800US, AR190US, AR224US, AR278US, FQ802AA, FQ803AA, FQ804AA, FQ805AA, FQ806AA, FR063PA, FS390LA, FS391LA, FS392LA, FS621LA, FS622LA, FU309EA, FU309ET, FU310EA, FU331EA, FU360ES, FU368ESR, FU368ES, FU371ESR, FU371ES, FU372ESR, FU372ES, FU373ESR, FU373ES, FU374ESR, FU374ES, FU428ES, FU449ES, FU475ES, FU485ES, FU494ES, FU501ES, FU515ES, FU518ES, FU519ES, FU542ES, FU553EA, FU554EA, FU555EA, FU556EA, FU557EA, FU600ES, FU601ES, FU602ES, FV306PA, FV315PA, FV316PA, FY702LA, GW694AV, KS043UT, KS044UT, KS088UT, KS115UT, KS116UA, KS117UT, KS118UT, KS119UA, KS120UT, KU218EA, KU219EA, KU219ETR, KU219ET, KU220EA, KU220ETR, KU220ET, KU221EAR, KU221EA, KU221ETR, KU221ET, KU222EA, KU223EAR, KU223EA, KU224ETR, KU224ET, KU446ETR, KU446ET, KU449EA, NA737ES, NA738ES, NA761ES, NA777ES, NA812ES, NA816ES, NA821ES, NA822ES, NA848ES, NA849ES, NA853ES, NA884ES, NB581PA, NF624LA, NG802LA, NH320LA, NH321LA, NJ700LA, NJ845LACompaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC SeriesFR769PA, FR770PA, FU653PA, FU654PA, FU655PACompaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC SeriesFU656PACompaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC SeriesFU665PAR, FU665PACompaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC SeriesFU666PA, FU667PA, FU668PA, FU669PA, FU670PA, FU671PA, FU672PA, FU673PACompaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC SeriesFU674PA, FU675PACompaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC SeriesFU676PA, FU685PACompaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC SeriesFU689PACompaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC SeriesFU690PACompaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC SeriesFU691PACompaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC SeriesFU692PACompaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC SeriesFU729PA, FU730PA, FU731PA, FU732PA, FU733PA, FU734PA, FW542PA, FW544PA, FW545PA, FW554PA, FZ327PC, FZ328PCCompaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC SeriesFZ329PCCompaq Presario CQ45 Notebook PC SeriesFW575PACompaq Presario CQ50 Notebook PC SeriesFE872UAR, FE872UACompaq Presario CQ50 Notebook PC SeriesFE878UAR, FE878UA, FF400PA, FF401PA, FF402PA, FF403PAR, FF403PA, FF404PAR, FF404PA, FF415PA, FF416PA, FJ077AS, FJ078ASCompaq Presario CQ50 Notebook PC SeriesFJ080ASCompaq Presario CQ50 Notebook PC SeriesFM753UAR, FM753UA, FM756UAR, FM756UA, FM757UAR, FM757UA, KH096AVCompaq Presario CQ50-100 Notebook PC SeriesFE869UAR, FE869UA, FE871UAR, FE871UA, FE874UAR, FE874UA, FE875UAR, FE875UA, FE876UAR, FE876UA, FE877UAR, FE877UA, FJ079AS, FK120LA, FK121LA, FK122LA, FM754UAR, FM754UA, FM755UAR, FM755UA, FQ051UAR, FQ051UACompaq Presario CQ50-100 Notebook PC SeriesFQ153AS, FR969UAR, FR969UA, FR970UAR, FR970UA, FR972UAR, FR972UACompaq Presario CQ50-100 Notebook PC SeriesFW927LA, FW928LA, FZ823UAR, FZ823UA, FZ824UAR, FZ824UA, FZ825UAR, FZ825UA, FZ826UAR, FZ826UACompaq Presario CQ50-100 Notebook PC SeriesKP841AVCompaq Presario CQ50-200 Notebook PC SeriesFS050UAR, FS050UA, FS051UAR, FS051UA, FS053UAR, FS053UA, FS057UA, FS059UAR, FS059UACompaq Presario CQ50-200 Notebook PC SeriesFS060UAR, FS060UACompaq Presario CQ50-200 Notebook PC SeriesFS061UACompaq Presario CQ50-200 Notebook PC SeriesFX392LACompaq Presario CQ70-100 Notebook PC SeriesFS110UAR, FS110UACompaq Presario CQ70-100 Notebook PC SeriesFZ473UAR, FZ473UACompaq Presario CQ70-100 Notebook PC SeriesFZ474UAR, FZ474UACompaq Presario CQ70-100 Notebook PC SeriesFZ475UA, FZ476UA, NB740UAEliteBook 2730p Notebook PCAQ437US, AQ577US, AQ591US, AQ605US, AQ634US, AQ657US, AQ761US, 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PCFS148UAR, FS148UAHP Pavilion dv7-1100 Entertainment Notebook PCFS155UAR, FS155UAHP Pavilion dv7-1100 Entertainment Notebook PCFS158UAR, FS158UA

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