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New Original Toshiba Satellite M40 and M45 Series 75W ac adapter - V000050900

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New Original Toshiba Satellite M40 and M45 Series 75W ac adapter PA3283U-2ACA- V000050900 Power: 100-240V/ 50-80Hz Frequency; (Universal) input voltage; 15V x 5A output voltagePA3283U-2ACAV000050910 V000050920 Compatible Models: Satellite 1400 Series including: Satellite 1400, Satellite 1400-103, Satellite 1400-153E, Satellite 1400-253S, Satellite 1400-303, Satellite 1400-503, Satellite 1400-553S, Satellite 1400-604, Satellite 1400-D07, Satellite 1400-S151, Satellite 1400-S152, Satellite 1405, Satellite 1405-S151, Satellite 1405-S152, Satellite 1405-S171, Satellite 1405-S172, Satellite 1410, Satellite 1410-303, Satellite 1410-304, Satellite 1410-401, Satellite 1410-604, Satellite 1410-704, Satellite 1410-801, Satellite 1410-814, Satellite 1410-S102, Satellite 1410-S103, Satellite 1410-S173, Satellite 1410-S174, Satellite 1410-S203, Satellite 1410-SP173, Satellite 1415, Satellite 1415-S105, Satellite 1415-S106, Satellite 1415-S115, Satellite 1415-S173, Satellite 1415-S174, Satellite 1415-SP173All Satellite 1800 Series including: Satellite 1800, Satellite 1800-100, Satellite 1800-200, Satellite 1800-204, Satellite 1800-254S, Satellite 1800-303, Satellite 1800-314, Satellite 1800-354S, Satellite 1800-364, Satellite 1800-364E, Satellite 1800-400, Satellite 1800-412, Satellite 1800-452E, Satellite 1800-4K1, Satellite 1800-504, Satellite 1800-514, Satellite 1800-554S, Satellite 1800-614, Satellite 1800-654S, Satellite 1800-700, Satellite 1800-712, Satellite 1800-750, Satellite 1800-752S, Satellite 1800-804, Satellite 1800-814, Satellite 1800-911, Satellite 1800-921, Satellite 1800-A110, Satellite 1800-A310, Satellite 1800-A311, Satellite 1800-A330, Satellite 1800-A410, Satellite 1800-A420, Satellite 1800-A430, Satellite 1800-A431, Satellite 1800-HV9, Satellite 1800-HVP, Satellite 1800-S100, Satellite 1800-S200, Satellite 1800-S203, Satellite 1800-S204, Satellite 1800-S206, Satellite 1800-S207, Satellite 1800-S233, Satellite 1800-S253, Satellite 1800-S254, Satellite 1800-S256, Satellite 1800-S274, Satellite 1800-S314, Satellite 1800-S400, Satellite 1800-S700, Satellite 1805, Satellite 1805-S154, Satellite 1805-S177, Satellite 1805-S203, Satellite 1805-S204, Satellite 1805-S207, Satellite 1805-S208, Satellite 1805-S253, Satellite 1805-S254, Satellite 1805-S255, Satellite 1805-S273, Satellite 1805-S274, Satellite 1805-S278, Satellite 1830-S207, Satellite 1830-S274, Satellite 1800-654S VF1, Satellite 1870All Satellite 2400 Series including: Satellite 2400, Satellite 2400-A620, Satellite 2400-S201, Satellite 2400-S202, Satellite 2400-S-251, Satellite 2400-S-252, Satellite 2400-UJX, Satellite 2405, Satellite 2405-S201, Satellite 2405-S202, Satellite 2405-S221, Satellite 2410, Satellite 2410 Small Business Series, Satellite 2410-303, Satellite 2410-304, Satellite 2410-304S, Satellite 2410-404, Satellite 2410-414, Satellite 2410-515, Satellite 2410-603, Satellite 2410-703, Satellite 2410-A631, Satellite 2410-A640, Satellite 2410-A741, Satellite 2410-CTX, Satellite 2410-S185, Satellite 2410-S-203, Satellite 2410-S-204, Satellite 2410-S205, Satellite 2410-S206, Satellite 2410-SP203, Satellite 2410-SP205, Satellite 2410-W9X, Satellite 2415-S205, Satellite 2415-S206, Satellite 2415-Series, Satellite 2415-SP203, Satellite 2415-SP205, Satellite 2430, Satellite 2430 Small Business Series, Satellite 2430-101, Satellite 2430-201, Satellite 2430-301, Satellite 2430-402, Satellite 2430-703, Satellite 2430-A620, Satellite 2430-A740, Satellite 2430-S255, Satellite 2430-S256, Satellite 2435-S255, Satellite 2435-S256, Satellite 2450, Satellite 2450-101, Satellite 2450-114, Satellite 2450-201, Satellite 2450-202, Satellite 2450-3DY, Satellite 2450-401, Satellite 2450-4PO, Satellite 2450-5DY, Satellite 2450-A740, Satellite 2450-A750, Satellite 2450-P40, Satellite 2450-S103, Satellite 2450-S203, Satellite 2450-S40, Satellite 2450-S402, Satellite 2450-SP295, Satellite 2450-TMG, Satellite 2455, Satellite 2455-S3001, Satellite 2455-S305, Satellite 2455-S306, Satellite 2455-SP295All Satellite 2500 Series including: Satellite 2500CDS, Satellite 2500CDT, Satellite 2505CDS, Satellite 2505CDT, Satellite 2510CDS, Satellite 2515, Satellite 2515CDS, Satellite 2520CDS, Satellite 2520CDT, Satellite 2530CDS, Satellite 2535, Satellite 2535CDS, Satellite 2540CDS, Satellite 2540CDT, Satellite 2540XCDT, Satellite 2545CDS, Satellite 2545XCDT, Satellite 2550, Satellite 2550CDS, Satellite 2550CDT, Satellite 2590, Satellite 2590CDS, Satellite 2590CDT, Satellite 2590XDVD, Satellite 2595CDS, Satellite 2595CDT, Satellite 2595XDVDAll Satellite 5000 Series including: Satellite 5000, Satellite 5000-104, Satellite 5000-X1Z, Satellite 5000-X59, Satellite 5000-Z59, Satellite 5005, Satellite 5005-S503, Satellite 5005-S504, Satellite 5005-S507, Satellite 5005-S508All Satellite 5100 Series including: Satellite 5100, Satellite 5100-046, Satellite 5100-201, Satellite 5100-501, Satellite 5100-503, Satellite 5100-603, Satellite 5100-A740, Satellite 5100-A741, Satellite 5100-A801, Satellite 5100-A902, Satellite 5105, Satellite 5105-S501, Satellite 5105-S-501, Satellite 5105-S502, Satellite 5105-S607, Satellite 5105-S608, Satellite 5105-S701, Satellite 5105-S702, Satellite 5105-S901, Satellite 5110All Satellite 5110 Series including: Satellite 5110All Satellite Pro 6000 Series including: Satellite Pro 6000, Satellite Pro 6050, Satellite Pro 6070All Satellite Pro 6100 Series including: Satellite Pro 6100All Portege 2000 Series including: Portege 2000, Portege 2010All Portege 3500 Series including: Portege 3500, Portege 3500 Tablet PC, Portege 3505 Tablet PCAll Portege 4000 Series including: Portege 4000, Portege 4005, Portege 4010All Tecra 9000 Series including: Tecra 9000All Tecra 9100 Series including: Tecra 9100

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